February 28, 2011

I'm Still Standing

As we hurtle towards the almost certain start of a lockout later this week, it shouldn't be a shock that things have slowed down a ton in the Seahawks blogosphere. There simply isn't that much happening for folks like me to report on, but on top of that two major Seahawks bloggers (John Morgan of Field Gulls and Chris Sullivan of Seahawks Addicts) have retired from blogging. Things are in flux.

I'm not going anywhere though. If anything, I'm planning on getting more involved, both here and over on Field Gulls. When the league goes dark, however, you may see more off topic stuff here on The Beard though. I'll try to stay away from political screeds, but if you hate the Red Sox things might get rough for you in this space in the coming months.

Without going into it, I also have some turmoil going on in my personal life that has been a distraction. While this blog is often an escape from that stuff, it also has been (and will be) and outlet for that personal angst too... So that might lose me some readers as well.

But the core mission of this blog remains to spread The Good Word about the Seattle Seahawks. The other day I was out at a mall in Toledo, and as usual I was in my Seahawks gear- For about the 100th time since early January, someone remarked on my Hawk affiliation, and it wasn't "Seahawks suck" or bitching about a 7-9 team making the playoffs- Like always, I got a gushing response about the Saints game/the Beastquake. The Hawks have plenty of weaknesses, and myriad holes to fill, but I can't shake the feeling that we're headed in the right direction... at least as soon as a new CBA is reached.

So keep an eye on this spot- I'm not going anywhere.

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Conor said...

I think watching re-runs of 'Beastquake' is what's keeping most of us going for now!

Hope you're happy with the re-signing of Leon and Mebane's restricted tagging (for whatever that may eventually be worth). Some good signs coming from the FO.

Keep up the good work, even as we head into a big unknown (well at the time of writing, anyway)