May 13, 2008

Tatupu Arrested for DUI

The story is still developing, but the details were first posted on Seahawk Addicts...

My initial take is that if this is true, Tatupu MUST face some kind of punishment from the team, the league, and the legal system. Without all the details, I'm not going to say "CUT HIM" or "LOCK HIM UP FOR A DECADE," but this IS serious business, and the organization and its fans would be hypocrites to give #51 a blanket free pass here.

How about you hire a driver, Lofa? Cripes. Let's hope he's learned his lesson, takes the consequences like the leader he is supposed to be, and stops this turdish behavior before someone gets hurt or killed.

UPDATE: Lofa's statement

"I want to apologize to my family, teammates, the Seahawks ownership and organization, and the fans for making a poor decision and putting myself in a bad situation. I take seriously my role as a leader on this team, and in the community, and because of that I'm disappointed and embarrassed by the level of poor judgment I used last weekend. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. This will never happen again, and I hope through hard work on and off the field to begin earning your respect and trust again."

Well said... Now he has to live up to it.

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