May 20, 2008

Who is Seattle's greatest pro athlete?

Ugh... The downtime drags on, doesn't it? But I'll pose a question to y'all today... Who is the greatest athlete in the history of Seattle pro sports? My nominees:

-Steve Largent

Ummm... Duh.

-Ken Griffey Jr.

I was around for Junior's Seattle glory days, and I can honestly say I've never seen a more exciting player than him (and I'm a Red sox fan.. It would be really easy for me to cite Pedro, Manny or Papi here). Even I like the idea of him ending his career with the Mariners... Depite the way he left town and the rash of injuries he's suffered since then, he's clearly the top player in Mariners history.

-Gary Payton

Once again, I was around for the peak of The Glove's career... We even had a running joke back at Western about him getting hired to increase tourism to Tulalip... The slogan GP would deliver at the end of the TV ad?

(now close your eyes and think about how GP would say this)

"Tulalip, Muthafuckas!"

I still say that every time I drive past Tulalip... anyway, here's some youtube evidence for GP's greatness...


Kables said...

Apollo Ohno. He's a two-sporter -- speed skating AND dancing with the stars.

Forrest said...

I know that he can't run or jump, but I would put Edgar in the discussion as well.