January 22, 2010

When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around

From the personal to the political, things look pretty bleak these days. I found a part-time teaching job, but it's two hours away from where I live, which means a 4-hour round trip two days a week. Did I mention that I live in my Mother-in-Law's basement? And my wife, my two kids, and I are all crammed into her parents' house?

Oh, and my wife's health insurance from Starbucks is so crappy that I can't afford to see a therapist to treat my various.. ahem.. mental issues. So, just suck it up, skippy!

On top of that, I'm a political science professor, and it's getting REALLY hard to not just flat-out tell my students that the political system is this country is pretty well fucked... We have one party populated by spineless pussies, and another dominated by batshit-crazy nihilistic sociopaths. Hooray for America!

So as I try to tread water in my personal life, and I see things get worse and worse in my own "profession," one thing gives me hope. One thing makes me think "hey, better days are ahead, brah."

The Seattle Seahawks.

Yeah, part of this is just my knee-jerk need to believe in SOMETHING, even if it's just a pro football team that probably doesn't deserve this level of devotion. Since I'm an agnostic leaning ever further towards atheism (thanks, Haitian earthquake), I have few things that I make leaps of faith about. The Seahawks are one of them.

I honestly love the moves the team is making... Not that I know fuck-all about whether these moves will actually succeed, but at least I see an organization striving to win, and making bold decisions. Just think how bleak things would look if you were a Bills fan, not only staring down a couple of years of Chan-ball, but also the real possibility that your beloved team might move far, far away.

We've been there, but then Paul Allen rode in on Captain Kirk's Chair and saved our Seahawks, then the most important figure in team history went out and hired the 2nd most important: Mike Holmgren. Allen is clearly hoping Pete Carroll repeats The Big Show's success, and while we won't know about that for a while, at least we aren't dreading the possibility of Jim Mora bringing Mike Vick in to be our starting QB (shudder).

The last 24 months or so, starting with that divisional round beating at Lambeau, have royally, regally SUCKED. But at least we have leadership at the top that recognized what was being done WASN'T WORKING. From Oakland to Buffalo, there are a lot of fanbases who just aren't that damn lucky.

So enjoy the playoffs, Twelve Army... and ask yourself this: Can the Seahawks improve by 4 wins next year? Probably not, but it's possible, and it's happened before. Can a 9-7 team win the West? Go to the Super Bowl? Hell yes to both, my friends.

No matter what other shit we might be dealing with in our lives, the Seahawks are there to distract us, to buoy our spirits, and bind us together. Take comfort in that.


spoonfulofpeter said...

Excellent post, good sir. This is the kind of heartfelt, blue & green blooded sentiment that makes your site one of the best.

Keep it up.

anthawk said...

Keep your head up about the Hawks and especially life! I'm bipolar so I understand the financial issues surrounding getting the right help, but maintaining my health has been worth falling into deeper debt. Also if God exists I don't know why he would allow an already hurting Haiti to be stricken with that tragedy either. Regardless, keep an open heart and open mind to the possibility of something more. Just like the Hawks most of us are blessed much more than we realize. Speaking of which congratulations on your new baby!

Tim said...

"Can a 9-7 team win the West? Go to the Super Bowl?"


Chin up on the employment front. I'm currently working a job that has me working from 10:45 PM to 7:15 AM, and every morning when I get off I'm so wiped out that I just about rear-end someone on the drive home. So I can relate with your situation.

As for the 'Hawks, I was a little unsure about Carroll's hiring, mainly because it sounded as if he wanted to be the Grand Poobah of Everything for the team and was preparing to bring in cronies like Pat Kirwan and Norm Chow into the fold, but he's really endearing himself to the fanbase with the moves and hires he's made so far.

As much as I disagree with our current president politically (and that's all I'll say about that), I think this whole situation with Pete Carroll has given me an insight on just how much hope and optimism can change the outlook of a large following of people. Here's hoping that optimism comes to fruition.

Mark Centz said...

It's too bad you're not also a Sounders fan and an M's fan, as there's lots of light coming from their outlooks. My first sports love was the 2nd year of the Sonics, and my heart aches at their loss and their increasing quality in the midcountry wastes. But the CHawks rising will be the capper, likely with a very fresh cast of luminaries.

As for your teaching, just lay out the facts and let them draw their own conclusions. How many of them grew up using Fox News as their national news source? Good luck, but it's your job and you wanted it. (a quote from Yes Prime Minister, btw).

DKSB said...

It's less that I have no other sporting interests.. It's just that they are far less intense than my bond with the Seahawks. The Red Sox come within shouting distance, and 2004 and 2007 are my favorite sports memories behind the 2005 Hawks, but even the sawx are mainly a distraction for the spring and summer...

I like the Crew in the MLS and the Blue Jackets in the NHL... but I can't say I'm emotionally invested in either.

Of all places, I drew inspiration from Conan O'Brien to feel a bit better about the direction of things... he was spot on when he told everyone to not give in to cynicism... I hate that sort of knee-jerk fuck-it attitude, but events lately have made it harder to fight that sentiment.

I like to think of myself as a beacon of light in the darkness... but it's hard these days.

Mark Stoecker said...

Great post DKSB! I love reading the blog, and look forward to your posts. This one was fantastic! Keep them coming. I hope everything works out for the best in your personal life. Keep your head up. It's always darkest before dawn.

bleedshawkblue said...

Just as much evidence, if you look, that life is great and it keeps getting better. You will ALWAYS find EXACTLY what you're looking for.

Adversity is your friend. You will find out what you're made of and be forced to meet the test, IF you get up and do something instead of rolling over and wetting on yourself when nothing's working. Motion creates emotion.

When severely beat down, making the effort to move forward counts more than the actual forward progress, since your willingness to fight will carry you to train and develop into becoming more productive and victorious... eventually... Which is what you're doing, Beloved Bearded One. And Our Beloved Squawks are, as well.

Adversity will also show you who your real friends and allies (and fans) truly are. There is nothing more despicable on this earth than the sunshine patriot and the fairweather friend (and fan...).

This is a test to see who is true of heart and strong of stomach and spine.

Just like Mr. Allen did when he and his geek friends launched a software company out of the UW library when they couldn't afford decent equipment of their own. During a time when both the inflation rate and interest rates were kissing 20% and gas was over 6 bucks a gallon in today's money. And the Pet Rock made 9 million bucks....in every adversity is the seed of equal or greater opportunity.

For those that shut the fuck up and attempt to do something instead of doing nothing, they will find a way because the majority of their competition is too busy whining to compete at all.

Anyone remember the Indianapolis Dolts and the New Orleans Ain'ts? Both set records for stupidity and futility every bit as bad or worse than anything we've seen these last 2 years. One of them, the Dolts or the Ain'ts, will become Super Bowl Champion. And neither team is a fluke.

If ever there were a time to be bullish on Your Seattle Seahawks, that time is now. ALL the main perpetrators of suckage are gone, replaced by some of the best and brightest coaches (no cap for coaching and front office salaries! - we love you, Mr. Allen!) that dumptruck loads of money can buy. And 3 draft picks in the top 40.

And if you think this is just the ravings of some PMA pollyanna, fuck you, you whining little bitches! Grow some balls. It takes balls to be happy. Big brass ones. Especially now.

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful, hate me 'cuz I got the balls to be happy about the direction of this team, and my own prospects, while the rest of the country is busy sniveling. About Curry being a bust. And LoJack. And Hasselbeck is done after throwing for 3,700 yards behind a 5th string Left Tackle. And "the economy sucks and there's no opportunity" when the 2009 GNP was over 14 TRILLION dollars. Even if it drops to 10 TRILLION, that's over $200,000.00 A SECOND passing from one person's hands to another. Not counting any of the underground money we all love to make and not report.

And watch the talented and determined amongst the people of Haiti rise up, kick the incompetent fucks in charge to the curb, take over and turn that shithole into a garden spot. Just like N'Awlins is doing. And Mr. Allen.

In summary:

KOOL!!! AID!!!

KOOL!!! AID!!!

KOOL!!! AID!!!

bleedshawkblue said...

And furthermore:

New conditioning coaches, the guy from SC is regarded by his peers in the NFL as the best in his field. And he says he will only work for Pete Carroll.

Anyone who thinks recruiting and surrounding oneself with top talent isn't a critical skill anywhere in life, particularly the NFL, is a talentless hack surrounded by hacks of even lesser talent than them.