October 21, 2010

Max Hall Has Gone Full Retard

We've seen this pattern before: Player or coach that has never been to Qwest Field downplays the impact the Twelve Army has on Seahawks home games. After they leave the field defeated and deafened, they invariably say things along the lines of "I've never played in a louder stadium than that." Here's just one example.. Remember Panthers OC Dan Henning saying this before the 2005 NFC Championship Game?

“We went into places like New Orleans and Indianapolis and St. Louis and won,” said Henning. “So we’ve done fairly well with it. Plus, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything louder than the Kingdome.”

We all know how that turned out, don't we?

Now, Cardinals QB Max Hall, who has accomplished absolutely zilch in the NFL, has decided to give the Seahawks defense and an army of 67,000 fucking maniacs extra motivation:

"I played in some loud places," he said. "I've worked with the silent count before, so it's nothing new. It's something I feel fairly comfortable with."

Um, wow. I can't shake the feeling that A) This will be Hall's ONLY career start at Qwest Field and B) He isn't even going to finish THIS game, due to injury or being yanked for ineffectiveness.

I was doing some research on this cat, and I dug up this gem from his college days:

Full story here... Man, if he couldn't take some abuse for UTAH UTES fans, how is he going to react to the wave of fury and rage that is going to be aimed DIRECTLY AT HIM for three hours on Sunday?

I can't be at the game this Sunday, but I trust that all of you lucky enough to be in attendance are going to give him a proper welcome to the loudest stadium in the NFL...


Eric said...

Do you happen to have a hard source for the "137 dB" number that is always thrown around when talking about the NFC Championship game? I am trying to explain to someone not all that familiar with Qwest just how crazy it is, and she wants hard proof. Then again, I could just show Hall struggling on Sunday and that would probably do the trick.

DKSB said...

The 137 decibel reading was taken by Fox Sports during the NFC Championship game, and that is what is cited all over the internet. I guess if you want the "hard" source, you'd need to dig up your tap of the 2005 NFC Championship...

bleedshawkblue said...

Crush 'em with the wall of sound!!! The D will be a well-oiled precision machine, pressuring, hitting and sacking Maxipad at least fifteen times. Because the BeastForce backfield in combination with Slot Machine, Carlson and BMFMW will OWN time of possession, salted in with some breakaways by Butler.

And starting field position will be Seattle 35 yard line, Fucktards 7 yard line.

Final score: Sea! Hawks!!! 38, Fucktards 3. Fitz gets a few yards in garbage time to crack 80, and everyone else has career lows for suckage.

17-2, beee-yotches!!! 17-2!!!