October 4, 2010

Two Weeks to Victory

We can win in Chicago. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm so fucking sick and tired of absorbing all the negativity from the naysaying wing of the Twelve Army, and I'm even more nauseated by the tendency for most to present this negativity as unvarnished truth.

We've got Rainn Wilson out there offering to coach the Seahawks. Harf harf derp. We've got SeaChicken Littles running around squaking "same old Seahawks" as if that's a novel fucking sentiment. I'm here to tell you that this team can pull together and cut the shit in two weeks at Soldier Field.

Yeah, the Seahawks looked fucking abysmal against the Rams yesterday, but I'm here to let you in on a little secret: Chicago's 3-1 record is a mirage. They are not as good as St. Louis, and I'm telling all of you they are primed for a hungry, pissed Seattle team to roll into their little crashed spaceship by the lake and KICK THEIR ASSES.

If Carroll, Bates, Bradley and the rest of the coaching staff are professionals; If they have any idea what they fuck they are doing, the Seahawks will hit the field in Chicago amped up like starving, vicious animals.. ready to murder and devour everything in their path.

Hasselbeck will be the QB. It's not my ideal choice, but we will make it work. The O-line will protect him better, the running game will gash those overrated Chicago defenders, and Beck will avoid the big mistake... and then our defense and special teams will win the god damn game.

Cutler might be back from his concussion, just in time to get a few more brain bruises from our boys. We will feast on the moronic combo of Martz' hare-brained schemes and Cutler's pea-brain... We will force turnovers and turn them into points. We will push them into Lake Michigan!

The special teams WILL make a play or two to win the game. They won't stop Leon and Golden all day. No way.

So I don't want to hear fuckers assuming we're going to be 2-3. Nothing is written in stone, especially against a flaky, vulnerable team like the Bears.

We're going to turn it around on the road, and it starts in two weeks. Who the fuck is with me on this????


Richard Poczulp said...


bleedshawkblue said...

17-2 bee-yotches!!! 17-2!!!

If that group of offensive personnel can play even the half assed respectable that it's managed to do, give them 2 weeks of practice and they'll be fine.


HawtSoop said...

Go 'Hawks... Can't wait to say Jay Cutler complete his first pass to Earl Thomas!

Ricardo Slick said...

Sign me up!