October 17, 2010

Seahawks 23, Bears 20

For the 3rd time in 6 weeks, Pete Carroll's Seahawks have delivered the "best Seattle win in recent memory." The great thing? They keep topping themselves, surprising the Twelve Army and leaving the nattering nabobs of negativity flummoxed.

They were supposed to lose to the Niners. Wrong.

They were supposed to get rolled by the Chargers. Wrong.

They had no chance going on the road against the mighty Bears. WRONG.

Any sort of win today would have been extremely satisfying, but they way Seattle physically dominated the Bears, coupled with the contributions of so many youngsters key to the future of the franchise, made this the biggest Seahawks victory since the 2007 Wild Card win over DC.

Usually it's Seattle's QB who takes a 3-hour beating when the Hawks hit the road. Not today... It was amazing to watch the Seahawks defense beat Jay Cutler to a dazed, fuzzy pulp with six sacks, a safety, and a fuck-load of hits/hurries.

Usually it's an opposing WR that runs wild all over Seattle for 10 catches and 135 yards. Not today... Mike Williams fucking TOOK the #1 WR job today with a "comeback player of the year" sort of performance.

It went on and on... Russell Okung took a big step towards me buying his jersey with a complete ERASURE of Julius Peppers. The young guys in our secondary got beat a handful of times, but overall they played great, buttressed by the veteran leadership of future-HOFer Lawyer Milloy and future Ring-of-Honoree Marcus Trufant. Jon Ryan pinned the Bears inside the 20 what, like 17 times? It sure felt that way.

Beast Mode/Young Nastman are going to spearhead a great ground attack, hopefully well into the middle of the decade. It was heartening to see Lynch turn negative plays into something positive, if not at least neutral, more than once.

Then there's Beck. Yeah, he's a ghost after this season.. But today made me think that he might at least get a happy ending to the Seattle chapters of his NFL career. He avoided the big fuck-up, and made a couple of nice throws. It sounds like I'm damning him with faint praise, but if he can keep this up, he'll keep Whitehurst on the bench until 2011 Training Camp.

It's a beautiful moment, isn't it? It feels like we are witnessing something special, doesn't it? If we can win in Chicago, why not Oakland? Glendale? The Superdome? Candlestick? Tampa? The future is WIDE OPEN, and it's OURS.

Plus, it's always a fucking joy to beat that goddamn smirking fuckstick Mike Martz. Fuck you. I still bear the scars of 2004, asshole.

What do you think, sirs?


Ken said...

Well said! Fuck Martz and fuck the bears.

bleedshawkblue said...

Nice to kick the crap out of an overrated contender, all the way around their house. And kick the crap out of a highly ranked defense, one of the best run Ds in the league. In their house.

Love the development of all the new guys, and the resurrection of guys we all knew were finished. Anyone guess at this time last year that names like Babineaux, Bryant, Milloy, Thurmond, Curry and Lynch would be called as key contributors? If you did, got any of that stuff you was smokin' left?

Plus, it gives me great honor and joy to use the phrase "Ditka-fluffing morons" (full props to The Beard for his original terminlogy) a few more times in reference to sticking it to Da Bears fanbase, who had a great year 25 fuckin' years ago. Buncha Ditka-fluffing morons!!! HAH!!!

17-2, beee-yotches!!! 17-2!!!