October 31, 2010

Raiders 33, Seahawks 3

Well, my optimism has, at least momentarily, been proven to be ill-founded. Obviously, we don't look like a Super Bowl contender right now, but we're still in first place and I still believe we'll finish with a winning record and as champions of the NFC West.

That was one of the most painful losses we've absorbed in a while, wasn't it? The stunning spate of injuries was a testament to how thoroughly Oakland dominated us physically (we are still waiting for word on how severe they all are).

The detestable Raiders outplayed us, bringing greater intensity and better coaching (yipes!), but that was compounded by Seattle mental lapses and just awful fucking luck. The bright spot was the special teams, who gave the offense and defense chances to make plays all day- Those units simply could not capitalize on the opportunities.

It's going to be a LONG week heading up to the Giants game. You are going to hear nothing but pronouncements of absolute, utter doom for the Seahawks.. A lot of this will even come from Seahawks fans. It's going to be unpleasant, to say the least.

But you.. You've been through worse. You're a Twelve, god damn it! You lived through FAR worse than this.... and I'm telling you, if you stay strong, and you keep the faith, you WILL be rewarded. Nine games left. Win five, and you win the division. One of those will get knocked out next week.

Yes, the Giants are a strong team... But the Seahawks will play far better, hopefully have Okung and Bane back on the field, and be backed by a bugfuck-crazy horde of 67,000 Twelves... Remember: If you have a ticket to the game, you can help the Seahawks win. Eli Manning doesn't exactly bring his A-game to Qwest- Let's make sure he doesn't on Sunday.

On twitter, I criticized what I see as the negativity that grips many Seahawks fans. I stand by that, but I can also give these encouraging words: If you go to Qwest, and you yell yourself hoarse for 3 hours next Sunday, YOU help the team win. YOU are important.. More important than what any reporter or blogger writes about the Seahawks; More important than all the haters and naysayers combined. YOU can make a win next week happen. Remember, this is for you:

Don't let the bastards drag you down! Wear your Seahawks gear this week. Remind everyone the Hawks are still all alone in first place. Go out on the limb and tell the unbelievers that Seattle will win on Sunday... That's what I'm fixin' to do.

You are the hearty and the hale, my readers. You knew nothing would come easily this season. You knew we'd have to weather storms as much as we'd bask in post-victory glory. We will fight, we will endure, and when we leave the field victorious after beating the Rams in the regular season finale, we will be back in our rightful perch: NFC West Champions.

Your faith will be vindicated.


Chango said...

Dude, that was about as bad a loss as could be had. Not just losing, but getting nothing offensively, getting no breaks, and just getting pushed around by the Raiders for cripes sakes made for a long Sunday. Good Lord. That being said, being a Seahawks fan means that layers of scar tissue has given you the ability to bounce back, and ask: "That all ya got?!" It stings, but we're 4-3, in first place, and in better shape that maybe most figured we'd been in at this point in the season. I'm not giving up, and neither should anybody else who reads this!

JimJam said...

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