October 24, 2010

Seahawks 22, Cardinals 10

That wasn't the cathartic, emphatic beating we all hoped for, but not only was it an important divisional win, it was more evidence that these Seahawks can take a punch without crumpling into a weeping ball in a dark corner of the room... When it looked like the Cardinals had turned the momentum after yanking Max "funtime" Hall, the Hawks responded with a LONG drive that resulted in a field goal.

Others will probably pick at all the ways the Seahawks fucked up today, or insist that we won because the Cardinals trotted out two of the worst quarterbacks who have ever stepped on an NFL field... Fine, whatever. From my seat, I see a developing team that will get pretty fucking dangerous once Brandon Mebane and Russell Okung are 100%.

The revelation today was Big Mike Williams. BMW didn't just have a great game (11 often acrobatic catches for 87 yards and a TD); He truly looked like the best WR the Twelve Army has seen in Seahawks blue since Steve Largent terrorized defenses from '76 to '89. How amazing is this story? BMW isn't just a functional, competent receiver- He actually might end up fulfilling the potential he flashed so many years ago at USC and become a legit all-pro NFL WR.

Justifiably, there was a lot of concern about how the offense looked from the mid-1st to mid-3rd quarter... Hasselbeck seemed to have hit snooze on the alarm clock telling him when to get rid of the fucking ball, but he recovered to have a decent but unspectacular day. He did cough up a turnover via a fumble, but for the second week in a row he threw ZERO interceptions. Let's hope that streak keeps going for a spell.

Marshawn Lynch once again got the tough yards and showed grinding, aggressive effort that we haven't seen from a Seahawks RB since Ricky Watters (I'm not saying that to hate on SA, but that just wasn't his style). Beast Mode and Young Nastyman are going to be an extremely potent combo, particularly once the offensive line is settled and healthy.

The defense is getting graded on a curve (the bad way) because they were at home, and faced a dipshit fuckwad rookie QB. They still forced three turnovers (the special teams snagged two more), and knocked that snot-nosed shitbag Max Hall out of the game. What a disaster that kid was! Wisenhunt insists he'll still be the starter for them, which will just ensure us another win when we go down to Glendale in a few weeks. Kid'll be slinging it up in Saskatchewan a year from now... you can bank on that.

That dirty fuck Darnell Dockett was up to his old tricks again, but right now he's on the loser flight back to the desert with the rest of his flunkies. Fuck 'em. They'll be lucky to finish 6-10.

So, next week is Oakland, our ancient hated rivals. That rivalry has faded over the past decade, but I still want us to go all Jigsaw Killer on those jag-offs Halloween day... and we will. We've climbed back up into first place, and we're not going to give it up this season... certainly we're not going to let the Raiders knock us off the track.

What do you think, sirs?


Ken said...

We had trouble wth the run today and Oakland ran well on the Donkeys.....I am worried. I hope we smack those fucktards.

Chango said...

Great write-up! Most of what I've read today suggests that we're a 12-win team that under-performed and looked like hell and that the season is now in a tailspin. Bullshit, I say! 4-2 is 4-2 in the NFL, no matter how you get there. I like what this tram is capable of, which I believe is a division title and maybe a playoff win. After 9 wins in 2 seasons, why wouldn't the Army of 12 embrace that? Keep up the good work, dude! SEA! HAWKS!

Nick said...

I expected an emphatic beatdown, and I guess was a little deflated. Which is stupid, because we won.

In any case, I've basically got my fingers crossed so hard they're just short of breaking. Brandon. Jesus Christ, Brandon, please God heal up and be your normal beast self come Sunday.