February 7, 2011

Coach Carroll- Go get our Aaron Rodgers!

I'm not going to tell you anything today that you don't already know. For example:

- I love Matt Hasselbeck, he's my favorite current Seahawk, and one of my 3 or 4 favorite Seahawks of all time.

- I think the Seahawks should re-sign Hasselbeck, particularly if the QB is willing to stay in Seattle with a "hometown discount" kind of contract.

- Despite my abiding admiration and adoration of Hasselbeck, we need to find his eventual replacement as soon as possible (and it aint Charlie Whitehurst).

XLV really jolted me out of a bit of complacency regarding the QB situation in Seattle- Hasselbeck's two good-to-great playoff performances lulled me into the idea that it wasn't essential to get our next QB in this offseason, that we should only get a QB if it's "the right fit."

Aaron Rodger's performance reminded me of an elemental truth of the NFL game: It's a quarterbacks' league. Teams with elite QBs have the best shot at winning championships, and teams without them are taking on an almost impossible uphill struggle. I was already familiar with Rodgers' skills, but seeing him unleash bolts of pure passing perfection on the game's biggest stage over and over inspired two reactions within me:

1. Matt Hasselbeck can't make throws like that
2. We need to find someone who can

I truly believe that Seattle can be competitive in 2011, and even a playoff team again, with a healthy Hasselbeck under center- But to reach the pinnacle of the sport, to hoist that trophy? It's hard to see how Matthew gets us there. He can be a bridge to the future, but as Marcellus Wallace said to Butch in Pulp Fiction: "You came close, but you never made it. If you were going to make it, it would have happened already."

Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick in the 1st round back in 2005. Seattle has the 25th pick this April, but they shouldn't just be passive and hope a QB drops to them there. Need to trade up to get the right QB? Do it. The QB you like isn't in the draft? Make a trade for Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb, etc. I'm not an NFL scout; My opinion about who the next Seahawks QB should be is relatively ill-informed. But I know we need to go out and get THAT GUY, and we need to do it this spring.

The Packers are very good team, but still a 10-6 team that is tied for the worst record EVER for a Super Bowl Champion. They are champs today because of Aaron Rodgers.

Go get our Aaron Rodgers, Pete Carroll.


Geoff said...

Agreed whole heartedly! I personally wish we would go out and get Kolb from Philly. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until this labor mess gets resolved before any players can be traded...

neurocell said...

Actually, the qb the Seahawks could be looking for should be there at #25. Ryan Mallett has all the major tools that a west coast qb should have. Mallett's biggest deficiencies are his work ethic, and his mobility.

I saw a list of the top ten scrambling qbs of all time. The myopic tool that wrote the article actually had Dan Marino ahead of Jim Zorn. His reasoning was that Marino would move just enough to not get sacked. That's not scrambling ability, that's pocket awareness. Mallett has that. All he really needs to do is move just enough to avoid the sack. Mallett can do that easily.

Mallett's combine interview will make or break him. If he can show that he isn't as bad as everyone says he is, then Mallett will be fine. Qbs cannot get by on ability alone, in the NFL. Mallet must prove that he is willing to be a student of the game, and prepare year round, or else he won't make it as a NFL qb.

Rob, over at Seahawks draft blog, has a good article why he would make a good qb. Mallett has accuracy, leadership, the best arm in college, and he comes from a pro-style offense, so he not only knows how to read defenses, but he's one of the best in the nation (Rob thinks he is THE best.).

Mallett falling to the Hawks would be incredible, if he is mature. But that's the rub. The front office, and the scouts sure have their work cut out for them.

darinpike said...

You are assuming "our Aaron Rodgers" is out there and available this offseason. I am not so sure he is... it might be the 2012 draft when we can get him. I would also argue that if Matt Hasselbeck was the QB of the Steelers yesterday, Pittsburgh doesn't lose that game. And - if the Seahawk receivers hadn't dropped so many passes in Chicago GB might not have been the team to beat them.

Brandon Adams said...

Agree on Mallett, and agree on Rodgers. His poise put the Packers on top. I loved how he just kept going back to Jordy Nelson and giving the guy a chance to redeem all his drops. Hell of a teammate.

Melvin said...

Can Matt Hasselbeck win the Super Bowl for Seattle? I say he can, as long as the other pieces are there. If he has a good OL and if the defense plays well, Hass would not be a liability in the drive for a Super Bowl. I sure hope he gets the chance.

I've enjoyed your posts on Field Gulls, Johnny Peel.