August 26, 2011

Corporate Stadium Names Still Suck

(Just in case you aren't a big Nirvana fan- The Referent)

A while back I staked out this position: I aint gonna call it CenturyLink Field. Then, inspired by the "I'm Calling it Shea" movement among Mets fans sparked by UniWatch's Paul Lukas, I agitated for the production of "I'm Calling it Seahawks Stadium" shirts by "Naming Wrongs" distributors No Mas NYC.

Unfortunately, capitalism is a harsh mistress, and No Mas decided to not produce a Seahawks Stadium version of a shirt like this right now. So, having (hopefully) made it clear enough I'm not plagiarizing their great idea or trying to make money off it, I decided to go the Cafe Press route and make my own "I'm Calling it Seahawks Stadium" shirt (pictured above).

I'm pretty happy with the results, and I'm going to wear that shirt to the home opener against the Cardinals September 25th. If you want to get one of your own made, mine cost about $30 (including shipping). Even if you don't want a shirt, I hope you'll join me in eschewing the Stadium's new corporate moniker (and that cutesy nickname "The Clink") and calling it what we already called it from 2002-2004: Seahawks Stadium (and yes, if you're a Sounders fan, go ahead and call it Royal Brougham Park- Won't hurt my feelings or anything).

What do you think, sirs?

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