August 5, 2011

Home News: My Triumphant Return

That's me at Seahawks Stadium back in 2003, right before the opener against the Saints.

Back in March, when I was going to job interviews in Orlando (for a job I couldn't nail down- Fuck), AirTran decided to make my life difficult and cancel one of my flights. The ONLY good thing about this is that they ended up giving me one free round-trip flight, which I am going to use to come out to see the Seahawks regular season home opener on September 25th. Of course, they couldn't make THAT easy- I have to drive two hours north to fly out of Flint, MI to Atlanta, and then fly from Atlanta to Seattle.


Anyway, I get into Seattle on Thursday September 22, and then I'll drive down to the Tri-Cities to see my family and catch my little brother's football game Friday Night in Kennewick. Hopefully, I'll get to see the Kamiakin Braves will drop the hammer upon the Kennewick Lions.

Then I'll head over the Seattle on Saturday to see my old college friends from Western, and on Sunday I'll hook back up with my brother and we'll be at Seahawks Stadium nice and early. We usually hit Touchdown City and then go down to the Seahawks tunnel once they open the gates- Don't be shy about saying hi if you spot us!

One way or another, I'll be sporting an "I'm Calling it Seahawks Stadium" t-shirt, even if I have to just get one made up on my own- Still no word from NO MAS NYC about whether they'll be printing those up. Wouldn't hurt to contact them if you are still interested in one of those shirts...

I'm very excited that I'll be coming out, and I should also be at the Browns game in Cleveland October 23. If there are home playoff games, I will be there- Not going to risk missing something like the Beastquake EVER again :)

What do you think, sirs?

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Eric Flatness said...

What I would give for footage of your live reaction to Lynch's touchdown run...