August 5, 2011

When in Doubt, Quote The Simpsons

Our Seattle Seahawks are gaining a very good reputation for giving their fans free stuff- and today I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of that generosity. Earlier today, the Seahawks promotional team (@winseahawks) tweeted this:

Autographed @BigMikeWill17 football here for the 12th Man! Why should we give it to YOU? Best response by end today's practice wins!

I saw that and thought- Why the hell not?? Then I banged out this response:

@winSeahawks I should get autographed BMW football b/c then I'll have three children- He will be called... Stitchface :) #simpsons #seahawks

If you aren't a Simpsons fanatic like me, that's a reference to the episode where Homer and Ned briefly become friends (Homer Loves Flanders). Flanders gets the game ball from the Springfield Atoms' QB, but gives it to Homer, who is overcome with gratitude and says "Now I have 4 children. You will be called.. 'Stitchface.'" That episode aired 17 YEARS AGO back in season 5 of the show, but like EVERY episode that aired during my college years, it was etched into my geeky little brainpan.

I didn't think I'd win, and I even saw some other responses I liked better- But I was chosen as the winner! Clearly, whoever runs @winseahawks is another huge Simpsons nerd. Just goes to show you, kids- Stay in school, and remember every line of dialogue from every TV show you've EVER watched, and good things will happen! When I get the ball in the mail, I'll share some pics of it with y'all.

Side note- Someone actually complained to @winseahawks that I "stole that line from The Simpsons." Yes, my intent was plagiarism- That's clearly why I included the #simpsons tag in my tweet.

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Jonathan Dalar said...

That comment is full of awesome! Of course you should have won.