February 18, 2008

The 25 Most Important Seahawks (1983-2007)

I've been a Seahawks fan for 25 seasons. Here's who I think are the most important figures in Seattle Pro Football since I started paying attention... Have fun tearing apart my list, fuckers.

25. Josh Brown Holy Shit! I forgot Dave Brown!
24. Ricky Watters Brian Blades
23. Marcus Trufant
22. Jeff Bryant
21. Lofa Tatupu
20. Bobby Engram
19. Chad Brown
18. Chris Warren
17. Eugene Robinson
16. Joe Nash
15. John L. Williams
>>> ADD: Dave Brown
14. Cortez Kennedy
13. Jacob Green
12. Curt Warner
11. Mack Strong
10. Kenny Easley
9. Dave Krieg
8. Shaun Alexander
7. Chuck Knox
6. Matt Hasselbeck
5. Paul Allen
4. The 12th Man
3. Mike Holmgren
2. Steve Largent
1. Walter Jones

UPDATE: Yeah, I forgot about Brian Blades when I first wrote this.. my bad. So what were my criteria?

1. Quality of play/coaching/noisemaking/owning :-]
2. Longevity with the Seahawks (This is what eliminates someone like Warren Moon, and puts Lofa and Tru so low on the list)
3. Association with team success (Tez would be higher if he wasn't at his peak when the team sucked)
4. My personal memories (Largent might be #1 for older fans, and I love the guy, but I only saw the 2nd half of his career; That's part of the reason he's behind Big Walt)

Some tough cuts:

-Ricky Watters
-Darrell Jackson
-Steve Hutchinson (oh wait.. fuck that guy!)
-Rufus Porter
-Michael Sinclair

Who is likely to eventually move up or be added to the list?

-Lofa Tatupu
-Marcus Trufant (if he stays with the Hawks)
-Julian Peterson (just needs a couple more years with the Hawks)
-Josh Brown (once again, if he stays with the Hawks)
-Matt Hasselbeck & Mike Holmgren (will move up if they lead us to a ring this season)


Michael Steffes said...

You gotta move Tez up the list. He ate my little brother! And where would you rank Warren Moon? Husky, Seahawk, Degenerate, and Hall of Famer!

Michael Steffes said...

Oh PRO football, Got it now! tough guy

Mike Barer said...

Let's not forget the two guys from Pasco-Michael Jackson and Ron Howard!
Their both hard to Google for obvious reasons.

GunnarZeke said...

The list is great, but I gotta say that Chuck Knox is too low. He did so much to make this team respectable.