February 6, 2008

Eat a dick, UW! We got Mora!

It's official: Jim Mora Jr. will be the next coach of the Seattle Seahawks. UW will have to scrounge up someone else to take over once Ty Willingham gets his ass canned. Losers.

Like Ruskell said today, this sends a clear signal to potential free agents that the franchise will be stable into the foreseeable future. Plus, I'm convinced that Mora is going to pwn the likes of Nolan, Linehan and that skeezy Pittsburgh fuck Wisenhunt.

But fuck all that... That shit's for '09. Right now, I'm much more concerned about how we're gonna line shit up to send The Big Show out with another Lombardi Trophy.

Just for fun, here's a mix of Mora Sr.'s two best tirades...

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