February 21, 2008

Painful Departures

The Hawks have moved to keep Tru and Locklear in Seattle, which increases the chances that the Seahawks may let fan favorite Josh Brown walk. This got me thinking about the most traumatic instances of players leaving the Seahawks since I've been paying attention... Here goes:

5. Darrell Jackson

I loved D-Jack, even though his hands sometimes resembled Featherstone from Necessary Roughness. It was rough to see him go to SF, and it was in some ways even rougher to see him decline in 2007.

4. Steve Hutchinson

The bottom line is Hutch took the money and ran, but it didn't make me feel any better about a loss of talent that our team still hasn't completely recovered from.

3. Dave Krieg

You know what would be a great idea? Replacing Dave Krieg and Chuck Knox with Dan McGwire and Tom Flores. That's the Behring years for ya!

2. Kenny Easley

The greatest defensive player in Seahawks history volunteered to return punts. He got injured, and after his level of play declined, he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals where he failed to pass a physical. The Behring administration chucked Easley overboard like a fucking chamber pot, and after overdosing on ibuprofen he needed a kidney transplant. He ended up suing the Hawks for $10 million, and it was only after Paul Allen took over that Easley took his rightful place in the Ring of Honor.

1. Steve Largent

It was time for him to go in 1989, of course. That didn't make the end of his career any easier on my 14-year-old ass. My dad actually scored us tickets to his final game and I had visions of him catching the winning TD pass in OT and running off into the tunnel...

He had 3 catches, and the Seahawks lost 29-0.


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Michael Steffes said...

Thanks for the Link! I am starting to think that Brown will still be back. Here is the thing, nobody spends the first two weeks of free agency trying to sign kickers. There are bigger needs. Brown may get frustrated and realize that extra 1/2 mil a year isn't worth waiting for. Also, the Hawks seem to be greatly improved already. He can't remedy his poor Superbowl stats if he can't get back there!