February 17, 2008

I Don't Know Shit

Yeah, I have opinions about what the Seahawks should do, and they're probably better informed than the random fuckface on the street, but I don't really know what I'm talking about.

I want the Seahawks to keep Tru, JB, and Spencer... I want them to cut loose Alexander and draft a stud running back. However, my opinions about those moves are totally based on how the team performs in the future.

I have NO idea about who we should draft. I simply don't watch enough college football to have any sort of informed opinion. After the 2005 draft, I actually wrote this:

So we trade two fourth round picks to move up nine slots to take: Lofa Tatupu??? We couldn’t get him at 54? We couldn’t have gotten him in the third round? We passed up Matt Roth and Dan Cody??? I know that Mosi Tatupu was a bad ass, but why why why??? Kiper himself says that we could have gotten him in round 5.. FUCK FUCK FUCK! He may very well be a solid player, but not a value pick at all.. Ugh.

See, I am an IDIOT when it comes to the draft. Frankly, most other folks who don't do this shit for a living are too.

The bottom line is I tend to give the front office the benefit of the doubt as long as the team keeps winning. It's not that I think Ruskell is above criticism, but I'm under no illusions: I'm a Seahawks fan, and I won't REALLY be able to tell good moves from bad moves until we see how next season turns out.

Unless Shaun Alexander is still our starting running back this fall. That would be fucking retarded. :-]

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Michael Steffes said...

Let me tell you the reasons i love this blog. First it is fun! Who besides for Ruskell knew Lofa would kick ass. Actually my friend who is a USC booster says he did, but that is bullshit. He was too busy felating Regie Bush to care. Somebody actually complained about language in a post at my blog, and the funny part was, not only was it the second post i ever wrote, but i didn't even use the whole word. I literally used * in place of letters. That is just F*ck#ng Bull$#it!!! Keep up the great work DKSB