February 9, 2008

The New Captain of the Titanic

I'd love to congratulate Jim Zorn for being awarded the head coaching job in DC, but considering that his boss is Dan Snyder, he's more or less a dead man walking. At some point next season, he'll be bringing his Redskins into Qwest (hopefully for a warm opening reception from the crowd followed by a severe beating for his team).

The bottom line? I'm glad the Seahawks are owned by a billionaire nerd who signs checks and lets his football people do their jobs, rather than a billionaire cock-bite who thinks that the NFL works about the same way as a fantasy football league.

Good luck Coach Zorn; You'll need it when Snyder starts chasing you around his mansion with a bowling pin, or when he wants you to let Tom Cruise call a play or two... He WAS in All the Right Moves, you know.

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