February 12, 2008

Road Games v. Home Games: Which is Better?

First of all, I tip my cap to Seahawk Addicts. That dude is bringing the real, hard core Seahawks news coverage, and I'm just sort of dicking around here with my navel-gazing bullshit... Go check them out if you get a chance.

I'm an asshole, but that's part of being a fan. Not only do I get enjoyment from the Seahawks winning; I get almost as much pleasure from seeing the Hawks inflict mental anguish on opposing fans. So I put it to those of you who have seen games both in Seattle and away from home: Which is more fun?

Being with 67,000 other Seahawks fans when Qwest is up around 120 decibels is about as close as my heathen, hell-bound ass will get to a religious experience. There's NOTHING like it in the world of sports, and that's coming from a Red Sox fan who has seen the Boston nine play the Yankees at Fenway Park.

Going to a game on the road is a different kind of glee... IF the Seahawks win. If they lose, there's few worse, emptier feelings. Thankfully, the Hawks have only lost two road games I've ever attended. I've seen them win in Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and St. Louis, and each win was magically delicious in a "Oh, Scott Tenorman, let me taste your tears!" kind of way. :-]

The biggest assholes? Cleveland by far. They will give you a non-stop stream of abuse for 3 hours plus, throw beer on you, and flip you off while you walk to your car.

The biggest pussies? St. Louis. They play their games in a glorified Costco Warehouse with NO football atmosphere, and the fans barely ever get off their feet or do more than clap politely. They're decent human beings, but severely douchbaggy fans.

Twice I've seen the Hawks win road games with last-second field goals, and few things are sweeter than watching opposing fans who have taunted you all day file out in silent despair after that. I've risked beatings both times by berating them in their lowest moments of doom and gloom :-]

So what do y'all think? What is the more satisfying Seahawk fan experience? Home or away?


Michael Steffes said...

I think that I have to say that Home Games are the winner. Only because I like the experience of talking, high fiving, and even sometimes hugging in a gaytarded way, my fellow Hawk fans. I make a practice to go to one road game a year. I blew it this year though. I was positive we were going to Dallas for the NFC championship so I was saving my load. I do like going to road games though because the outcome is very much in doubt. You can almost pencil the W when were at Quest, and if they lose I get violently angry, but when you go on the road their is actually some suspense to it, so i got that going for me, which is nice!

Michael Steffes said...

Oh yeah, and news is for pussies! This Blog rules!