May 27, 2008

DKSB's Jersey Buying Guide

Seahawk Addicts recently posted about jerseys, which is a matter close to my heart. I've always felt the only appropriate thing to wear on gameday is a Seahawks jersey, and I've also preferred a jersey as the best way to "represent" for the Hawks out here in the wilderness of the midwest.

First, my rules for jersey wearing:

1. No personalized jerseys... I'm not on the team, no matter how much I'd love to be.

2. Never tuck in your jersey... Kinda makes you look like a douche.

3. If a player is traded or leaves in free agency, etc... You can't wear the jersey until the player retires from the NFL.

4. At least for me, no #12 Fan jerseys... It's a nice idea, but it also seems like a cop-out, i.e. you don't want to take the risk of buying a current player's jersey.

Right now I own two Hasselbeck jerseys (a semi-authentic and a replica), a Big Walt jersey and a Largent semi-authentic throwback... I've got room for another jersey, and I might buy one this summer... But who? I have rules for that too.

1. Pick someone who just signed a nice, LOOOOONG contract. Avoid players with 2 years or less on their deals... I got burned buying a Josh Brown jersey last year, for example.

2. Try to be unique, but not just for its own sake. If Hasselbeck is your favorite player (he is mine), it doesn't make you a bandwagoner to get his jersey. My #8 home semi-authentic is what I wear on most game days. However, I think it's really cool whenever I see someone wearing a lineman's jersey (offensive or defensive). You'd have to pry my Walter Jones jersey from my cold dead hands.

If I get to buy a jersey this year, I'll probably get a Marcus Trufant replica... He's A) Awesome B) Just signed a long-term deal, and C) Is a Tacoma/Wazzu northwest homeboy.

How about y'all? What are your jersey rules? What jerseys do you have? What are you gonna buy this summer?


SaraMichelle said...

Tatupu. He's a great player who also signed a deal which will probably keep him here for quite some time. Also... he's hot. Color me superficial, but I think that's an important consideration, too.

Misfit said...

A fine article for jersey etiquette, indeed.

My #37 Alexander (away) jersey will continue it's ride on a hangar; and maybe become a decoration. I had worn that baby since 2002 or 2003.

for the last few years Trufant's #23 (also away) has remained a staple item for game-days. Without that , this year I would be down to a well-worn #8 (home) Hasselbeck department-store special. The '8' on the front is far more worn than the one on the back.

I prefer the white away jerseys, even though I've yet to enjoy a game outside of the Kingdome, Husky Stadium, or Qwest Field.

If I buy another one, I'm not sure which. Maybe a young WR (unreleased) or one of this years' rookies...can't decide yet.

Anonymous said...

I come from Notre Dame. I used to rock the Tatupu, but it always tore me up inside that such a cool guy came from USC. Now the Hawks have two NDers starting in Jones and Carlson. Since I went to school when Carlson was there, i'm waiting for that bad boy to come out and i'm latching on.