May 13, 2008

HASSELBECK will put your ass in the wall

It's that dead time of year for us NFL fans, but that doesn't mean I can't be a total dork and race as HASSELBECK on Mario Kart Wii online... I've been up until 3 am the last few nights playing Mario Kart... It's not like I'm a college professor with finals to grade or anything, right? :-]

While it sucks not being able to play GTA IV (We only have a Wii), MKW is pretty effing sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I just got off my ass and ordered something that I miss from my days living in the pacific northwest: Tim's Cascade Style chips.. Here's how much I love these chips.. I once barfed a whole bag of sea salt & vinegar chips all over my girlfriend on a carnival ride (looooong story)... I was back eating those mofos in about a week :-]

For those of you who are northwest expatriates, what do you miss that you could only get in the PNW?


Michael Steffes said...

Dicks! The burgers, not the other kind. What!?!!?!?

JRock said...

I have to agree, once you unlock your mii's it's hard to look back.

Chris Sullivan said...

Well, I'm back in Seattle now, but when I was gone it was probably Fred Meyers... man, for a crappy store, it sure does offer one stop shopping -- footballs, video games, pain killers and microwavable cheeseburgers? Get out of town, Charlie Brown! Chicago's got nothing like that.

Anonymous said...

Matt's gourmet hot dogs, Pagliacci Pizza, and Nana Wok in Puyallup (best fried rice on the planet)

On the higher priced side you can't go wrong with Anthony's.