April 8, 2008

The Greatest Seahawk: Steve Largent

Despite my lobbying for Big Walt, this is obviously a well-deserved honor. His accomplishments are well-known, so I thought I'd share my own memories...

When I was 8, I went to my first Seahawks game, and one of the highlights was getting to see #80 score a TD. The next year (84), I was at the game where he made that diving catch v. Chicago that is on every one of his highlight reels. My first Seahawks jersey was a blue #80, and over the years I've had many variations of Largent jerseys (including the semi-authentic throwback I own today).

He made big plays in big games... Two big catches on the game-winning drive at Miami in the '83 playoffs... The biggest game of his career in a key game at Denver in '84... A HUGE playoff performance in the 1987 wild-card loss at Houston, including the late TD that send the game to overtime... A pace-setting long TD catch in the division-clinching finale at the LA Coliseum in 1988...

And yes, I love to brag about this: I was at the game where he damn near knocked Mike Harden the fuck off the planet. :-]

Despite all the blather about Largent "lacking physical skills," he had great game speed. Defenders always made the mistake of underestimating his athletic ability, and that ability combined with his astute football mind made him one of the best wide receivers in NFL history.

I was at his final game in 1989, and afterwards I cried harder than when my first dog died. Steve Largent was (and is) special to me, and clearly to all of you.

and now he is... THE GREATEST SEAHAWK.

Bonus: another NFL.com Largent clip here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. That was a great tribute. I was at the game in Cincinnati in 1989 when he caught the record breaking (and final) touchdown catch. My seats had me sitting behind that endzone, and when I saw him make the cut that got him wide open I was up cheering and screaming about the greatest of all time before the ball left Dave Krieg's hand. I was the only one cheering in the entire stadium, and I loved it.
-Christopher, DC