November 7, 2008

Almost 25 Years Ago....

I was only eight years old, but December 31, 1983 is forever scorched into my memory: Seahawks 27, Dolphins 20. Until 2005, the greatest day in Seattle's NFL history. Hell, that highlight above (thanks seahawksblue) is even narrated by the late great John Facenda.

When I am sitting in some Columbus sports bar watching the game this Sunday, I'll be wearing my Easley throwback and my mind will drift back to that soggy afternoon (probably in inverse proportion to how well the current Hawks are playing)... It's one of a handful of games in the '83 season that made me a Hawks fan for life.

Finally, sorry for being absent this week... I'm dealing with some personal issues, and was also trying to avoid the urge to gloat about the election in this space.

As always: GO HAWKS!


W said...

My parents got married the day of this game. I still hear stories about how my uncle[s] [two of the groomsmen]kept sneaking out of the wedding reception to check the score of the game, and also to relay it to my dad. I wasn't around at this point, obviously, but this video still gives me goosebumps.

Comrade BlueThru&Thru said...

A glorious game, I watched it from where I lived in Oregon at the time. What a memory!

As for the election... well, I love ya man, but welcome "back to the U.S.S.R", the United States Socialist Republic!

Maybe we "don't know how lucky we are", but I doubt it.

DKSB said...

Dude, I have nothing but love for other Seahawks fans.. but if you think Obama is a Socialist or a Communist, you don't really know what Socialism or Communism is.

BlueThru&Thru said...

Ha! Government's are all on some gradient between purely capitalist versus some amount of socialism.

For instance, while Canada has a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, it has chosen to socialize more of it's health care, schooling, and transportation systems, so it has a higher degree of socialism ideals in it than the U.S. does.

Saying that we are becoming more socialist does not equate to becoming ruled by force like most communist nations. Rather, by democratic choice we are starting down a road of more socialistic government. This started back with FDR, as we grew the role of government beyond what our constitution specified. Under Obama, it is likely to grow still further in control over areas of daily life that are not specified in the constitution.

Thus, we could rightly say we are becoming more socialist, but whether that is a good thing or not is what is up for debate in our representative democracy/democratic republic.

It's great that we can share a common love of the Seahawks, and participate freely in our government, but still have widely diverging views, yet still be at peace with each other.

BlueThru&Thru said...

By the way, I work in our government!

DKSB said...

Fair enough, Blue. Personally, I'm fine with a higher degree of socialism. The social democratic principle of "what effects all should be decided by all" sounds pretty good to me.

Plus, I might be looking for a government job soon.. Can you hook me up? :-]