November 19, 2008

Dear PFT Guy: Be Fucked.

I've documented the fucktardery of PFT's Mike Fuck-o a few times before.. You may want to catch up here, here, and here.. But the bottom line is this grimy little turd of a man goes out of his way to dump on the Seahawks pretty much on any day that ends in y.

In addition to wishing 80-year-old rules were different so the Seahawks would lose, and idiotically arguing that the Hawks have TOO MUCH of a homefield advantage, Fuck-o has recently added new grist to my mill of hate.

From his "Sporting News 10 Pack" this week, talking about the Cowboys:

And things get considerably easier over the next 10 days for Dallas, with a Week 12 visit from the 49ers and a Turkey Day treat featuring stuffed birds from Seattle, who at 2-8 would be playing for pride if they actually had any.

Yeah, I know it's easy to kick us while we're down, fuckface... But do you actually, you know, WATCH THE GAMES? In the last two weeks Seattle lost to two potential playoff teams by a total of eight points, and almost erased a 26-7 deficit on Sunday. We might suck, but to say that we have no pride is willfully ignorant. But what do you expect from a guy who thinks the Rams are going to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl every year? Asswedge.

Here's another gem: Fuck-o uses Hasselbeck's weird press conference rant as an excuse to show the 2003 Wild Card int again. Hilarious! Hmm.. Fuck-o claims to "dislike all NFL teams equally," but I don't see him posting youtube clips of every shitbrained Brett Favre playoff INT each time Wrangler Brett says something stupid or weird. Hypocritical Steelers-loving bullshitter.

Please beat DC on Sunday, Hawks... If only to ruin PFT's day.

In conclusion, go fuck a broadsword, crapstard.

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