November 16, 2008

Con Sarn It!

Well, the season is OFFICIALLY over. The Hawks were outclassed by a superior team today (holy shit... Boldin and Fitz worked over our DBs like they were prison snitches), but thankfully I saw a team that still gives a crap. They refused to run for the bus after falling behind 26-7, and gave us reason to have hope going into 2009.

Once this team gets healthy and retools through free agency and the draft, they'll be competitive next season. I want to see more fight over the last six weeks though... Even at 2-8, next week is important. Why?

I'm going to be at next week's game, and I've never attended a Hawks loss at Qwest. Yup, with me at the game the Hawks are 11-0 at Qwest/Seahawks Stadium.

What do you think, sirs?


Mark said...

I agree with you about the importance of these last six games. Now that Hass, Branch and Engram are all healthy, I think you'll start to see this team start to pick it up a little bit more. Having an offense that can get some drives going is going to take a lot of pressure off of the defense, certainly.

Josh Wilson is turning into a player. Mebane continues to impress, and I think Carlson is going to be a very good TE, probably sooner rather than later.

As it stands right now we would have a draft pick between 4 and 6. I think it's more likely that our draft position will fall a little bit rather than rise, given the fact that some of our key guys are healthy now, but I think a top ten pick is still likely, and I agree that we should be in a position to reload this offseason. I'm optimistic.

Jon said...

Quite honestly, i think its almost a blessing in disguise. we havent had a chance to reload anyone on offense in years. Timmy's done a pretty lousy job of giving coach any weapons, 'cept Carlson. O-Line play is sub par, receivers are weak and backs are so so. JJ's been good to us this year, and I hope he plays with the same heart & intensity next year as he did this year (only getting a few more yards wouldnt kill us). We need an actual WR, we need a real backup QB, a real Center and now that Wahle's taken a major beating looks like a real LG too.

A top pick can get us any of these. Frankly I'd focus more on the line, as even if players are so-so (QB,RB) a good line gives anyone a chance to think about what they need to do.