November 24, 2008

Redskins 20, Seahawks 17

First of all, here's my pics from the game.

Secondly, a reader came up to me and gave me props on the blog before the game. However, I was kind of out of it and didn't really know what was going on until my friend KT explained it to me.. So, dude in the Big Walt jersey and Hawkhead: Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry for being a fucking dunce yesterday. :-]

What else?

-The Seahawks are going to post their first losing season since 2002. Realistically, they look headed for 4-12.

-This was the first time I sat in Qwest's lower bowl, and the first time I've attended a loss at Qwest. Sitting in 125 was fun, but I missed being higher up and seeing more of the field.

-Seahawk Addicts and Field Gulls have already broken down the game, so I just want to say that I was happy to see the team still fighting, even at a point where any realistic hope for the playoffs is long gone.

-Hasselbeck. I know he had a poopsmith-esque game, but I found myself incensed with the fans who showered him with boos and jeers. Beck is playing hurt, and we can debate whether he should be on the field at all, but to boo him pisses all over what he has done for this team. It's ignorant fucking horseshit to boo the greatest QB in team history, a three-time pro bowler who led Seattle to its only Super Bowl, and who has proven over and over that he spits and pisses blood for this team, this town, and us fans. Dude isn't playing very well, but neither are most of the other players. Does anyone really think Seneca or Frye would have led us to victory? Cripes.

As I left the game, a little kid right in front of me said "I hate Hasselbeck." His dad said.. "Where is Hasselbeck? I wanna boo him!"

I've never shot two people a dirtier, more disrespectful look in my 33 years on this planet.

I'm not kidding... If you were booing Hasselbeck yesterday, you are a big dumb fuck, and it's hard for me to fathom how you can call yourself a Seahawks fan.


Peter said...

I am in complete agreement about booing poor performances from your own players. It's like booing your daughter at her t-ball game when a grounder goes through her legs. Who does that?!

However, trying to convince people not to do stupid things at a football game is like trying to convince that drunk frat boy in a bar that his popped collar makes him look like a douche. It's a pointless battle that most likely ends in a yelling match or someone losing some teeth.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares your undying faith and support for this team. And they're getting desperate for someone to blame so that they can feel better about an abysmal season. Warranted or not, there's no stopping the assholes.

Mark said...

I agree with Peter. I think there's a certain element of the population that thinks that because they've paid their $50 or whatever they have a right to boo. (Actually they do, but that's neither here nor there...) Hass has a bad back, is playing on a gimpy leg and is trying to gain a rapport with some new receivers. It's a pretty daunting task, and given all his accomplishments I'm inclined to give the man some slack.

Agree with you also about the fight in this team. Even though their record sucks, they've been in a position to come from behind to win against two straight playoff-caliber teams. I suppose if you're looking for a silver lining, if you look at all of the close games we've played (Niners, Fins, Cardinals and Skins) if we'd had one or two different plays go our way, we'd be 6-5 and in the middle of the playoff hunt. OK, maybe that's a stretch, but still, it's something to build on.

I'd like to see us finish strong. Let some of our guys get healthy and see what we can do when we're almost full strength. Get a key win against a playoff team, perhaps. Finish at least .500 against the division. I'm as much of a draft geek as anyone, as you know, but we'll get a great pick regardless at this point.

JRuss said...

Amen!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth, DKSB.

Man, that dad missed a huge teaching moment with his kid if regarding sportsmanship and integrity. Of course, someone needed to provide the dad with a "moment" first.

SaraMichelle said...

I hated all the booing of Hasselbeck, too. It drove me nuts. While I'm annoyed as heck that the only two games I will probably see all season ended in interceptions, the fact he's out there battling says a great deal. I've dealt with back and leg injuries in competitive sports and they totally knocked me out for good. The simple truth of him out there speaks volumes to both his toughness and his competitive spirit. If anything, while I wish he'd be playing a bit better, I'm even more impressed with the guy than I've ever been. He's a warrior.