February 8, 2009

As Dwight Scrute would say... Question....

I just have a few questions for my loyal minions out there..

1. I have a couple of ideas for custom throwback Seahawks jerseys, but I'm not sure where to go from here.. My first thought is to get a hold of a blank old-school jersey and then take it to a sporting goods shop to get letters/numbers applied.. Any advice or help with this would be appreciated.

2. I also have an idea kicking around in my head for a DKSB t-shirt, but I wanted to see if there was any demand out there for shirts, which I'd likely sell for $10 a pop.

3. I have a ton of old Seahawks games and NFL films pieces piled up in my closet, mostly from 83-88 and 2003-now. Obviously it's not legal for me to sell copies, but I'd be willing to trade copies of what I have for other games I want in my collection.

You can answer in the comments here, or better yet e-mail me at dksb17@gmail.com...

1 comment:

Hernandez said...

Don't know anything about getting custom jerseys made, but you can put me down for a DKSB t-shirt if you make 'em.