February 3, 2009

Off Topic: The Pacific Northwest Rules/Pittsburgh Drools...

According to Pew Research, people around the country are yearning to move to Seattle (and to a lesser extent, Portland). Pittsburgh? Not so much.... Here's the top 10, with the percent of respondents who say they want to live in that city/metro area:

1. Denver (43)
2. San Diego (40)
3. Seattle (38)
4. Orlando (34)
5. Tampa (34)
6. San Francisco (34)
7. Phoenix (33)
8. Portland (31)
9. Sacramento (29)
10. San Antonio (29)

Where was Pittsburgh ranked? 25th, with only 17% saying they'd like to move there. As we've mentioned before in this space, the Pittsburgh area is hemorrhaging population (this is one of the reasons you see their fucking fans everywhere... they are fleeing that dying city in droves... it's like something out of Blade Runner or WALL-E).

At this rate, the town might have to start pawning those Lombardi Trophies to keep the lights on..

On the other hand, the two major cities in Seahawks territory? People flock there like the streets are paved with shamwows.

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