February 9, 2009

Off Topic: WWU Viking to get franchised!

I went to Western from '93 to '99. I got by bachelors and masters degrees there, and had the time of my life.. My love for the school and for the town of Bellingham is eternal and boundless...

Obviously I was elated when I read that Atlanta is planning to franchise Michael Koenen, their punter/kicker who played ball for WWU earlier this decade... With the death of the football program, Koenen is highly likely to be the last NFL player from my alma mater, and he's obviously pretty damn good.

Woo! Go Vikings!

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Aaron Weinberg said...

I graduated from WWU too. You may be sad to hear that they canned the football team.

Sad, sad day. At least we will forever be remember for having the greatest football catch ever.