February 4, 2009

Did Larry Fitzgerald just have the greatest individual season ever?

First, peep these numbers:

Regular Season: 96 catches, 1431 yards and 12 TDs
Playoffs: 30 catches, 546 yards and 7 TDs
Playoff numbers projected over 16 games: 120 catches, 2184 yards, and 28 TDs
2008 Per-game averages (20 games): 6.3 catches, 99 yards and damn near a TD every game.

Over a 20-game marathon of a campaign, this level of production is amazing. Fitzgerald was consistent too, racking up 11 100-yard games and scoring in 13 different games. This magnificent bastard was the league's most valuable player in 2008-2009, no matter what Peyton Manning's trophy says.

Just off the top of my head, when I think about other great individual seasons, there's some black mark that taints it... Dickerson in '84? Disappeared in the playoffs. Marino the same year? Wasn't that great in XIX... Rice in '87? Shut down in an upset loss to Minnesota. Brady in '08? Lost the Super Bowl and perfect season.

L-Fitz in 08-09? Eye-popping regular season, capped by the greatest postseason performance ever. If Fitzgerald didn't just have the greatest individual season in NFL history, who did?

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