February 25, 2009

Remember This?

That's D.J. Hackett scoring the go-ahead touchdown in the playoffs against DC in January 2008. He was released by Carolina today.

It's admittedly not that likely that he'll come back to Seattle, but after what the Seahawks went through last season at the WR position, it can't hurt to call the guy... He needs a job, we need receivers. If we can get him dirt cheap, I don't really see the downside here.


Aaron Weinberg said...

That was a glorious day

DKSB said...

Hells to the yeah! Plus, I was there!

Alan said...

I was in college at the time and was home for Winter Break. My flight back to St. Louis was the next day. Sea-Tac was FULL of depressed Redskins fans. I was still to giddy to taunt any of them.