May 24, 2009


First of all, big ups to my friend KT for whipping up that photoshopped masterpiece...

A very common theme in off-season coverage of the Seahawks has been "they have a shot if Matt Hasselbeck can stay healthy." Coming off a 4-12 season where Hasselbeck missed nine games, and pretty much played like ass when he was "healthy," this is a reasonable position to take.

I have to believe in Matt Hasselbeck, and it's not just because the team's fate seems to hinge on him being healthy and playing like an all-pro. On a personal level, I'm only a few months older than Beck, and I hate to think of a 33 or 34-year old being "washed up." I am starting to see those effects of aging on myself... that little patch of white in my beard, my declining skill at video games, etc. I need to have faith that he's got something left to contribute, that a dork who watches cartoons with his kids and roots for the Red Sox can lead the Seahawks on another Super Bowl run.

Simply put, I see a lot of myself in Hasselbeck, and I desperately want to see him gain redemption after last season's debacle. I'll be at Qwest on September 13, and I'll be in my Hasselbeck jersey.. no doubt about that.

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Aaron Weinberg said...

That photo of Matt is money