May 12, 2009

Remember: Holmgren is made of WIN

One thing I really hate is needless revisionist history. For example, tons of the media stories about the upcoming Terminator Salvation include, on some level, major dissage of Terminator 3. I for one LIKED T3 (so did most critics), and I think a lot of people slagging on the film now probably liked it back when it was in theaters.

Now there's a non-trivial number of Seahawks fans out there crapping on the Holmgren legacy in an almost pre-emptive way, in case he ends up coaching against us in DC, Dallas or SF. You're hearing bitching about his clock management... his unimaginative play-calling... his poor record as a GM, and so on. I'd be the first to agree it was probably time for The Big Show to move on; more than a decade coaching an NFL team is almost always too much. However, let's not let that fact obscure what he accomplished from 1999-2007... As I said last December in this space:

He broke Seattle out of that pathetic fraternity of cities that have never seen their team go to the Super Bowl. Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Detroit, and Phoenix? Suck. Mah. Ballz.

Plus, by posting 5 division titles, 6 playoff appearances, 4 playoff victories, and an NFC Championship since 1999, he's ensured that only the following teams can talk ANY shit to us (based on recent history).

St. Louis (XXXIV)
Baltimore (XXXV)
New England (3 rings)
Tampa Bay (XXXVII)
Pittsburgh (XL... fuckers)
Indianapolis (XLI)
New York Giants (XLII)

That puts us in the top quarter of the NFL since 1999. Not bad for a team that was at best ignored and at worst a punchline before The Big Show arrived.

I think Holmgren has earned a lifetime pass and a spot in the Ring of Honor at Qwest Field, in addition to a bust in Canton. What do y'all think?


Mitten said...

The Big Show should get in the Ring of Honor and NFL HOF. He'll also be coming back to Seattle as a coach or GM of a rival team that will throw all over the pathetic excuse that is the Seahawks secondary. And people I suppose should also suck your balls if so inclined. Godspeed.

Zem said...

The bashing started last year when Holmgren wasn't winning games with a backup quarterback, a murdered offensive line and a receiving corps led my koren robinson.

Its not like he forgot how to coach. We're going to miss him.