May 15, 2009

Yes, I'm a Red Sox fan. What of it?

It's quickly becoming an annual tradition here at DKSB: When the Red Sox come to Seattle, I have to explain/defend my loyalty to the Boston nine. Since I've pretty much said it all before, here's the pertinent links:

Double Agents Among Us!

Coming Home as the Enemy

The Folly of Geographical Determinism

The Perils of Dual Fandom

Anyone else a Seahawks fan & a Red Sox fan? Anyone else root for the Seahawks & another non-Northwest team? Discuss!

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Mind of no mind said...

I used to be a pretty hardcore Vikings fan on top of being a hardcore Seahawks fan. Although if they ever played, I'd want the Hawks to win.

The reason was that I used to dogsit for Doug Martin (my mom knew his wife), who played defensive end for them from 1980-1989. I was just a little kid, so it was really exciting to watch the Vikings when they were on TV just so I could cheer for him. But by the time he retired I had grown to love all the other players like Anthony Carter, Chris Doleman, Keith Millard, Herschel Walker ect. So I continued to follow them very closely.

But then Moss came, and that was the first blow to loving the team. And by the time Chris Carter and John Randle left (him signing to the Seahawks was a dream come true! thank god he worked out better than Millard) there was really nobody on the team to care about, and no hometown loyalty. Plus the Hawks moving to the NFC was another blow, and then the nail in the coffin was the Hutch poison pill. Now I hate them.