May 20, 2009

The Simplest Reason Vick Will Never Play in Seattle...

Seattle LOVES dogs. This article deals with Seattle's dog obsession, but here are the highlights:

-There are 150,000 dogs in Seattle, compared to only 90,000 children

-Seattle is rated as the 5th most dog-friendly city in the US, according to

-1 in 3 Seattle households have dogs as pets.

How much of a PR hit would the Seahawks organization take if it signed a guy who not only financed a multi-state dog-fighting operation, but also personally took part in the brutal killings of dogs? How many season ticket packages would be canceled? For what? For a guy who wouldn't even be our starting quarterback?

Yeah. Not going to happen. No chance in hell.


yusef ahmed said...

another double standard liberal

selective tolerance as usual

ensie said...

My husband, a HUGE Seahawks fan since birth said he will stop being a fan should Vick come to Seattle. I would actively protest the games.