May 9, 2009

Yeah. I EXPECT the Seahawks to make the playoffs. So what?

Fans of 4-12 teams are supposed to show humility. We're supposed to sheepishly agree when people tell us our team sucks, and refrain from complaining about how unfair our schedule is, or how we don't have any primetime games this fall.

Not this team. Not this year. I don't HOPE the Seahawks make the playoffs. I'm not CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC that Seattle can reclaim the NFC West. I EXPECT it. An 8-8 year would be a healthy 4-game improvement over 2008... Would I be happy with that? Hell. No.

Now some of you out there may be having one of the following reactions to these statements:

1. You're a negative, dark-hearted, joyless prick, so you just expect the worst. You won't believe in this team until they clinch the West, and even then, you'll probably expect Seattle to fail in the playoffs. You derive more joy from being correct with your pessimistic predictions than from your team winning. If this describes you, I'd love to banish you from Qwest Field for life. However, until I own the team, bitching at you via my blog will have to do.

2. You somehow think that a Seattle fan showing some boastful confidence will anger the football gods, and that I should keep my optimism to myself to keep the Seahawks from being struck down with great vengeance and furious anger.

I'd be the first to agree that the coaches, players, and members of the organization should keep it zipped and not talk publicly about how much ass they expect to kick this fall. But a fan? Dude. If you really think that bad mojo is somehow created when the 12th Man expects success, you probably also believe in tripe like the Madden Curse. Who knows? You're probably also one of those Moon Landing deniers. Ick. In a perfect world, I'd go Buzz Aldrin on y'all:

So who's with me on this? I'm behind the wheel of this neon green bandwagon, and I'm driving it all the way back to the top of the NFC West. Climb aboard, Seahawks Nation... There's plenty of room for true believers here.


Aaron Weinberg said...

Oh hell yeah!

gonzhawk said...

I am down, and I too get really tired of all the BS posters who say we didn't do enough here or there and will "reserve judgment."

Reserve it for what? A big loser "I told you so." what a bunch of assclowns who can't even give their favorite team a chance...they must love the pity parties...I maybe getting older, but why the fuck follow this team if you can say "suck it" to the NFL without some douche bag
(see: dark and gloomer seahawkfannaysayer)

who couldn't find an ounce of optimism if it bit them in the crotch! I couldnt' agree with your more man!!

Farthest North As U Get! said...

Great Blog Dave, thanks for Blogrolling our site Seahawknationblog,
By the way i absolutely agree, to hell with all the naysayers, Hawks 11-5 NFC Champs, Super Bowl rematch against the Steelers.
And yes of course the Seahawks Spank them "Again".
That's right im a believer in Karma, it will bite them in the A@!...

Seth H. said...

This is what I posted to a reply on a blog which linked to a news article that seemed to be written by a misplaced and misgruntled Steelers fan.

"Yes, we were a 4-12 team. But it’s not like it’s the best talent we have. When you have a carousel of receivers, the quarterbacks can’t get any chemistry with them. With the offensive line keep shuffling, they don’t get the experience to keep working together. We were down to our 5th string left tackle in the final game. I’d like to see *any* team win when that happens.

Defensively our scheme was changed to be awful. Also, part of the success of the scheme was getting a pass rush, which didn’t exist. Our play calling was predictable and QB’s had ALL DAY to pick apart our defense. If you look at the Cowboy’s game last season, with no pressure they put up great numbers, when we got it it went down drastically.

This year we have a new head coach that brings a ton of energy to the field, we’ll be getting a new but similar offense with the zone blocking scheme, a scheme that allows for lesser runners to put up good numbers. Reuben Droughns ran for 1200 yards in Denver in the zone blocking scheme. A solid and balanced rushing attack will definitely help Matt.

And defensively, we’ve gotten a new scheme custom built from some of the youngest and brightest minds in football. We have Gus Bradley, Lane Kiffin’s right hand man, we have Tim Lewis, who coordinated 4 top 10 defenses for the Steelers and coached a solid secondary in Carolina. Dan Quinn was one of the more sought after d-line coaches. He helped turned Kris Jenkins into a dominant two gap defender, and lead the Jets to a top 5 rush defense.

If we’re healthy, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be at least competing for a playoff spot. And with all due respect to Julian Peterson-he was getting old and was not worth the money, on top of the fact his coverage skills weren’t what they were. We got younger, stronger and faster at the position. We also got better on the D-line, and if you get pressure with the front four and don’t need to blitz then Julian’s strengths aren’t as valuable.

Also, when we do do a linebacker blitz, Leroy Hill will be the one. He had 7.5 sacks as a rookie, so he’s a capable rusher. Also in 2007, when Leroy had a sack, we won the game. The guy can hit and knock a QB out, he did so to Jeff Garcia and Marc Bulger.

Whoever wrote that is probably just an ignorant buffoon."

JRuss said...

And a hearty, "Here, here!"

I get so weary of the pessimists who dog their team while telling the fans who choose a more optimistic route that they are homers and not "real fans of the game."

I'm as certain as day follows night that these pessers would find a reason to piss on a SuperBowl victory. Count on it. "Well, we won this time, but next year we'll have a Superbowl hangover. You wait and see."

Farthest North As U Get! said...

Ill drink to that JRuss!