August 27, 2010

Green Revolution Update

I wore my new Touchdown Jeebus jersey out and about yesterday here in Toledo, and I can report a couple of things to y'all:

A) In one store somebody asked me where I got it, and in another, a kid told me it looked "awesome." If people had feelings of revulsion towards it or ran to the nearest eyewash station, they didn't mention it to me.

B) At Cardboard Heroes, which is a sports apparel shop in Toledo's Franklin Park Mall, they had a few bright green Tatupu jerseys for sale. I commented on it, and the clerk said "yeah, we've sold a few... They're very distinctive."

So there you go. Very unscientific, but it looks like the bright green is establishing a beachhead (at least with the younger folks). If YOU like the bright green jerseys, don't just sit there and let them stay "retired." Contact the Seahawks organization and let them know you want to see the Hawks festooned in Slurms MacKenzie's favorite jerseys... Wimmy-Wham-Wham-Wazzle!

Side note: I think the Seahawks are a slight uniform tweak for immortal awesomeness. For the home unis, all I'd do is change the shade of blue on the helmet to the darker blue on the pants and jersey sleeves. For road unis? Dark blue helmet, pants and sleeves with the bright green jerseys.


What do you think, sirs?

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Laird of Madrona said...

I'm thinkin' you can rock that, Sir.