August 10, 2010

Home News

I'm jetting back to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow for my college bestie's wedding this weekend, but I'm also fixin' to take in practice at the VMAC Thursday. My internet access might be spotty, but I'll be posting to twitter via my phone quite a bit... If you aren't already, follow me on twitter here.

I also just posted another piece over on Field Gulls just now... Go check it out!

UPDATE: New look for my trip west, y'all


neurocell said...

Read your post on Field Gulls. touched on this when the ranked all of the franchises. They went by 2 games +/- of .500. They had the Hawks within that range 25 of a possible 31 times in early 2007(they forgot 1977, when the Hawks finished 5-9.) The Hawks have had 11+ wins, and 11+ loses only seven times ('76, 2-12; '80, 4-12; '84, 12-4; '92, 2-14; '05, 13-3; '08, 4-12; '09, 5-11.)

I can't stand mediocrity. If we lost a lot of games for a few years, we'd have a chance to improve ourselves. If we won a lot of games for a few years, we could tell others to shut up. Middle of the road works during negotiations, not for sports.

The Seahawks have seven of these "extreme" seasons. Their overall record during those years is 42-68. That's 26 games under .500. Overall, the Hawks are 255-277. That's 22 games under .500. Take away the "extreme" seasons, and the Hawks are FOUR freaking games over .500. That's as mediocre as you can get. I'm sick of being mediocre. We need to pound the rest of the NFL for a few decades.

I wrote this on DKSB because I couldn't comment on Field Gulls. I just signed up there, but it'll be two days before I can post. I just wanted to let you know that I can't stand mediocrity.

Think about how smart the average person is. Then realize that 50% of the population is below that.

bleedshawkblue said...

Ewwwww, Neuro, that is the most disturbing thought I have had all day.

Give me really good or really bad, I can't stand mediocre either. For every Cinderella run of a 9-7 team in the playoffs, there's 30 1 and dones when 9-7 has to play 14-2 on the road. And goes home to get a middle of the round set of draft choices so they can do it again next year. Bleccchhhhh!!!

As long as the ocean of suck season is headed up by the finest coaching, front office and ownership talent (Thank You Mr. Allen!), I can live with sucking for awhile if we suck in the right direction. I'd much rather lose a few more games and go 6-10 than stunt the growth of young talent, overpay a has-been for their productivity elsewhere or drastically shorten the career of excellent players by rushing them back prematurely from injury (sorry, DJack), all in the interests of going 9-7.

Dallas under Jimmy Johnson won 2 games with a rookie Aikman under center because they had sucked enough the previous year to draft him, and the ownership, front office and coaches had the skills and vision to pick him up and make the most of the high picks they got from sucking.

The creeping tide of Bland, Sealed for Our Protection has taken over our music with Kenny G, our food with the dollar menu, our politics and workforce with the do-nothing placeholder. Need I go on?

It's basic health code, folks: Give me hot or cold. Tepid makes me barf.

bleedshawkblue said...

And the new look is startling to say the least - almost respectable!