August 22, 2010

Packers 27, Seahawks 24

It's 1:30 am out here in the Wilderness of Northwestern Ohio, so I'm going to lazily cut and paste some of my choice tweets from tonights game... share your own thoughts in the comments, dear readers...

(The bad news as I write this is that Russell Okung will miss some time with a sprained ankle... PLEASE not a high ankle sprain! Stay tuned on that, of course.)

-Two opinions that haven't changed tonight: Packers are Super Bowl contenders, and the Seahawks aren't (yet).

-Here's what a lot of ladies were thinking during that Nick Reed interview: Sploosh!

-Mr. Whitehurst, that interception was fucking abysmal. Matt Hasselbeck doesn't have to worry about his job with you making decisions like that.

-Julius Jones: Playing like he'd rather be selling insurance.

-Tyjuan Hagler looks EXACTLY like Todd Bridges. Thankfully he is better at football than Bridges was at acting.

-Might the 2010 Seahawks actually be able to competently execute screen plays? The duece you say!

-Nick Reed, sitting on the bench during Hawthorne interview, looks like he should be starring in a Jack Link's Beef Jerky ad.

-If the defense is physically unable to stop the opposition, it doesn't matter how ear-splittingly loud the Twelve Army is.

-A draw play on 3rd and long? Is The Big Show back in town? (I love you, Coach Holmgren... and I kid because I love).

-Nick Reed feeds upon fear, craps despair and pisses hopelessness.

-NFL ticket exchange! Now ticketmaster can gouge multiple people who buy the SAME ticket! woo!

-Seahawks home blues look disgusting when the players get sweaty... hasn't changed in 8 years.

-Anyone else find the Washington Lottery sponsoring the Seahawks a bit.. awkward? Hey! gamble on the lotto- but certainly not on NFL games!

Your reactions to the game? Let's all pray to God, Jesus, Allah, Gozer, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster that Okung will be back in the line-up soon.

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bleedshawkblue said...

Here's some Future Flavored Kool Aid:

Those Green Bay bullies that were kicking sand in our faces all night (except Special Teams - wooohooo! and all those other cool things we did and stuff) were brought together in large part by a certain Mr. Schneider. Who has been handed a blank check and seemingly limitless freedom to do his thing by a certain Mr. Allen.