September 19, 2010

Broncos 31, Seahawks 14

Today's events were so familiar that both teams should have worn '80s throwback unis: The Seahawks go into Mile High in September and come away with a stinging, humbling defeat... Thankfully, back in the day many of those Seahawks teams would bounce back and make the playoffs.

Today sucked, but my belief that the Seahawks will make the playoffs remains unshaken. Seattle isn't as good as they looked last week or as bad as they looked today. Wherever they are between those extremes, they are better off than they were a year ago, and certainly on the path towards consistently competing for the postseason.

The most troubling aspect of today's blowout (besides the utter lack of pressure upon Kyle Orton) was the performance of Matt Hasselbeck, who was rarely seriously pressured but still threw three BAD interceptions. I'm not with Field Gulls here: I don't think Beck is done; But I am concerned. If, Rozelle forbid, we stand at 1-3 going into the bye week, it might be time to see what Charlie Whitehurst has to offer.

Thankfully we aren't there yet. The notoriously slow-starting Chargers come to Qwest next week, and I have no doubt the Seahawks will bounce back and take care of San Diego. This season will not be for the faint-hearted: Seattle will look like Super Bowl contenders one week, only to look like a expansion team the next week. We will know if we are moving in the right direction if the team gets more consistent as the season goes one.

I'm optimistic by nature, but I really like a lot of things I'm seeing from these CarrolHawks: There were a lot of fuck-ups today, but there wasn't the lack of effort we saw from the MoraHawks last year. Golden Tate and Deon Butler showed us very encouraging flashes of brilliance today, and the run defense looked solid again.

So relax, fellow Twelves. Kick back and enjoy the beating the Saints are going to lay upon the Niners Monday night, and know that we are still on track to win our division and host a playoff game next January.... and limber up those vocal chords, because we need everyone at Qwest cranked up to "Fighter Jet Fly-by" next Sunday.

This is a team on the upswing, going through growing pains... it's no longer a decrepit, rotting zombieteam. Even after a blowout defeat like we took today, that much is still clear.

What do you think, sirs?


Mark said...

Man, that is no gimme next week with SD at home. They looked real solid today. I hate to say it too, but gentlemen, someone is going to lose to the Rams sooner than later. These sheep are competing. 2-2 into the bye.

I'm torn on the Hass issue. I love the man like a Seahawk fan from the 90's should love the man. It's just that, ugh, the writing on the wall is getting easier to read...I don't know if Chuck is our boy or not, but...well...Matt is kind of like Ole' Yeller...this one may be a tear jerker boys. I really think it is essentially over for Matt and I am ready to hear about "plan B" like I never was before. I wish we had an Aaron Rogers waiting, but maybe Chuck can really play.

dave crockett said...

I back you on being encouraged. The good news is I think the running game will be fine as the season wears on. Also, we may have found a big time field-position-flipping, big play threat in Golden Tate returning punts. Wow.

Right now, I see two downright flaws on this team.

1. We can't generate pass rush without blitzing (and, thankfully, we don't blitz too much).

Without a pass rush Jennings turns back into a pumpkin and Tru goes back to getting a lot of flags.

2. Our QB play just isn't good. (I am more pessimistic than you about Hasselbeck.)

The thing I don't see is, where the improvement comes from? Hass has enough brains to not play this poorly but I don't know that he has enough arm to play at a consistently high level in this offense. What bothers me most about yesterday is that neither team generated fierce pass rush, yet Orton was *significantly* better than Hass. He made throws Hass cannot make.

Hass' picks weren't from pressure, nor were they "bad read" interceptions, where someone zigged when he should have zagged. All three were "not enough arm" interceptions, and they're all on tape. Once we got downfield, and the safety can play up a bit, Hass was incapable of making the required throw to beat the best available route/coverage combo. This is why people are jumping his routes, and they will continue to do so. The difference between Denver and SF jumping routes is the latter's spotty safety play. Pretty soon Hass will be reduced to forcing check downs to Carlson and screens.

I love Hasselbeck, but I'm pretty bearish on his present. I'm not saying Whitehurst is the best option right now. Much like our pass rush, we have to make the best of what we have right now. But, I hope the coaches are getting Whitehurst ready to play this season.

bleedshawkblue said...

Anyone else notice that game was still winnable, despite the altitude, the 90 degree heat and the turnover gifts?

Nobody quit, and they kept making plays regardless of the score.

I don't mind checkdown screens if they go to the likes of Golden Tate. Although Matt is looking like Zorn at the end of his career - still smart and an excellent leader, but rendered innefective dumping the ball too early due to being punchdrunk from all those hits.

A lot of the mistakes were correctable, and not just by replacing the players that made them. How 'bout we leave Matt in until the supporting cast gels, then plug in Clipboard Jesus?