September 17, 2010

A Tiny Bit of Sympathy for the Enemy

Within the space of four days last week, I was part of the blue and green horde cheering the Seahawks to victory at Qwest AND an evil minion of Red Sox Nation invading Safeco Field. I've beaten this topic to death both here and at Field Gulls, but I just wanted to make a couple final comments about being a Road Warrior for one's team...

I didn't like seeing all the Niners fans at Qwest on Sunday either, and I admit I yelled more than a few taunts at SF passers-by. However, I don't get the blind frothing hatred ignited by the mere sight of opposing fans at our stadium. If you think that 49ers fans shouldn't be at Qwest, then YOU should never go see a Seahawks game on the road, right?

I don't know how many of you have seen a Seahawks game on the road, but I have fortunate enough to attend nine away games since 2001. Nothing beats seeing a game at Qwest, but watching the Seahawks win in front of thousands of enemy fans IN THEIR STADIUM? That's pretty amazing too. If any of you have the means, repping the Hawks in a hostile stadium is something EVERY Twelve should experience.

Given that I've been on the other side, as the agent behind enemy lines, I don't begrudge all those Niners fans the right to be at Qwest.. I was very happy they all went home unhappy, of course. It also makes me smile to think about how much some of those Niners fans must have paid to sit in those club seats behind the SF bench. If I'm mad at anyone, it's the fabulously wealthy season ticket holders who allowed those Niners partisans into the stadium by selling their seats.

I only got into one minor verbal scuffle at Safeco the other day, when I reminded someone flipping me shit that by buying thousands of tickets, us Red Sox fans were literally helping the Mariners make payroll... Remember, no revenue sharing in MLB, kids.

The bottom line is that I'm glad people go root for the road team at games from coast-to-coast. Unanimity is boring, don't you think?

Is anyone going to the game in Denver on Sunday? I'd love to hear eye-witness reports from anyone who is attending.


CoachOwens said...

I don't have a problem with opposing fans in the home team's stadium. What DOES annoy me is the obvious bandwagon fans of teams like the Red Sox and Yankees who have never even visited anywhere close to EITHER of those places, yet they're a fan of the team because they're almost always good and receive so much media attention (not that I'm accusing you, Johnny). As a sports fan, it's your duty to cheer for the local team, not just the teams that always wins. It's always a hoot, though, to ask them a question that they should know about the team and they reply with "Uh..." or a flat-out "I don't know"

DKSB said...

I see what you are saying, but...

-Bandwagon fans are the price of success. When the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, we will be FLOODED with these folks. It's simply the price of doing business. Yeah, it sucks that winning two World Series motivated some douchers to buy some Red Sox gear, but I'd rather deal with them than a 92-year title drought.

-I obviously don't buy the "you have to root for the local teams" argument. I've mentioned in other contexts that perhaps if I had grown up in the Seattle area I'd root for all the Seattle teams... But I didn't, and I don't. Growing up 3 hours away, I didn't feel obligated at all to adopt all the Seattle teams.

-I've been to Fenway twice, and I'm well versed in the rich, compelling history of the Boston Red Sox. I'm just as legit of a Sox fan as anyone from New England.