September 4, 2010

"This is Your Team"

Here's the 53-man roster. What do y'all think?


Wa said...

I'm shocked that Julius Jones made the cut, and more than a little nervous about our offensive line with Coach Gibbs stepping down. Particularly since the line still looks like a cluster****.
Poor Matt.

I'm also a tad curious who will be cut when Leroy Hill comes back.

Anthony said...

Jones needs to be gone. Hope they pick up someone to take his place via other roster cuts. Don't understand keeping Terrill vs Quinn Pittock, either. Also, I am nervouse about only having 2 QBs. I am hoping we pick up someone. If Hass gets hurt (please, God, no!), then you are a CW injury away from perusing the waiver wire and our season has no hope.

Conor said...

Don't understand how Jones made the cut over Rankin. Rankin's not the best RB in the league but at least he can return kicks. Gibbs must've seen through Jones' inability to hit gaps/accelerate. Ah well, hopefully the new regime have seen that Forsett is a better back.

Not shedding a single, solitary tear over Housh. He was a bomb waiting to go off. Sulked last year when every single pass play didn't go his way. You cvould see him stamping his feet on the sideline like a petulant, spoilt child. Sulked this year and let everyone know it. You can't have that when you're building from scratch.

Housh: You're not Jerry Rice. Get over yourself, lose the chip on your shoulder and start actually earning your grossly inflated wages.

Apart from that, it all went as could be expected, didn't it?

bleedshawkblue said...

Very excited to see a head coach and front office do what they see is necessary, and be aggressive about improvement.

I much prefer a young team faced with the requirement to "Earn Everything" than an old team expecting to "Earn a big reward for productivity elsewhere".

And we ain't done yet! Expect to see nearly as many roster moves during the season as we've seen this year so far.

bleedshawkblue said...


This is MY team.

Anyone else notice how bad the team sucked over the last several years with the players that have since departed on it's roster? Boo Fucking Hoo, this is the pros. Win or die.

More games will be won this year on heart, talent and creative scheming to maximize that talent than were won in the last 2 years with free agents on the downside of their careers running the same scheme that worked somewhere else with a completely different roster of available Hall of Fame talent.