September 28, 2010

My 12th Man Flag-Raiser Wish List

It's almost a month before our next home game, so I thought it might be fun to look at who should be raising the 12th man flag at our six (hopefully 7 or 8) remaining home games in 2010. Here's the list of people who have already raised the flag, all of which I'm eliminating from contention. I'm also going to leave out people working for another NFL team right now (so no Holmgren, Zorn, etc). Here we go:

8. Brian Blades
I'm guessing Blades hasn't been asked because of the nasty business surrounding his trail for manslaughter (he was eventually acquitted of charges that he intentionally shot his cousin). That's about the only explanation for not having this dude raise the flag. He started out during the Knox years, and endured the Behring era nicely, putting up receiving numbers bested only by Steve Largent himself. Side note: I bumped into him and Bennie Blades at Gameworks in Seattle the day before this fucking disaster.

7. Darryl Williams
Williams patrolled the middle for Seattle from 1996-1999; in 1997 he made the Pro Bowl, and nearly KILLED Rickey Dudley... Watch:

6. Michael Sinclair
Sinclair might be a bit busy, given that he's the D-Line coach for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes right now... But he's one of the most notable Seahawk to have never raised the flag. Only Jacob Green racked up more career sacks in Seattle than Sinclair, who reached the Pro Bowl three times with the Hawks and notched a league-leading 16.5 sacks in 1998.

5. Chris Warren
I know we'd all like to forget the dark days of Behring, but Chris Warren is one player worth remembering from the early + mid '90s. Only Shaun Alexander rushed for more yards as a Seahawk than Warren did in the Flores/Erickson years. Hell, in the lost season of 1992, the guy somehow ran for 1000 yards despite being surrounded by one of the worst offenses of all time.

4. Darrell Jackson
People hammered D-Jack over all the dropped passes, but he's still one of my all-time favorite Seahawks. In the entire history of the franchise, only Steve Largent has more touchdown catches than Jackson, and only Largent and Blades have more receiving yards. I'd love to see him return and enjoy the roar of the Qwest crowd one more time.

3. Joe Jurevicius
JJ only played one season with the Seahawks, but what a year! In the NFC Title year of 2005, JJ scored 10 touchdowns and was probably our main offensive threat besides Shaun Alexander. His career came to a bad end in Cleveland, but he'll always have a place in the hearts of us Twelves, based on 19 games in 2005-2006.

2. Shaun Alexander
SA is still a divisive figure among Seahawks fans, but to me there is no doubt he deserves not only to raise the flag, but to also have a spot in the Ring of Honor. One question is whether you do both at the same game. I'm guessing they'd split the two honors up. Alexander also might be saved for an important late-season or playoff game.

1. Walter Jones
Obviously, this will happen eventually. It's kind of delicate though, for a few reasons. A) How much, if at all, do we want to split up Flag Raising/Ring of Honor/Retirement of #71? B) Do you hold out for a possible playoff game? I think Big Walt will be saved for the NFC Wild Card game, don't you?

Did I miss anyone really obvious? What do you think, sirs?


Andrew said...

Shaun Alexander may not be officially retired yet. I heard his named bandied about as a potential injury replacement for a few teams -- as ridiculous as that may sound. If he hasn't yet realized his career is over he probably wouldn't be ready to celebrate his accomplishments, return to Seattle, or raise the 12th Man Flag. He should one day be in the Ring of Honor, though.

Wouldn't Brian Bosworth be a fun candidate to raise the flag? Yeah he was a bust but he had flare -- and the role of the 12th Man Flag Raiser is to get the crowd energized.

You are right about retiring Big Walt's jersey when the Seahawks host a playoff game this year (if the Seahawks host a playoff game).

Laird of Madrona said...

Bobby Joe Edmonds.

Laird of Madrona said...

And, oh, duh: Rufus Porter.

CoachOwens said...

Curt Warner. The Seahawks first elite RB. May have held more all-time team records if he hadn't torn his ACL.

DKSB said...

Very true, Coach.. but he raised the flag before the Steelers game in 2003.

CoachOwens said...

My fault, my fault. I passed right over his name without even noticing it. ;)

CoachOwens said...

Completely off the ball, but how about Gil Haskell? I don't if any non-head coach has ever raised the flag but Haskell is good as any one of them. Nine seasons as the O-coordinator including the ridiculous 2005-06 season. Let him raise it once. Okay, technically he works as a "Senior adviser" to Mike Holmgren in Cleveland but it's not like he's a coach there or anything.

juiceboxjuicebox said...

In an alternate universe:

Sir Mix-a-lot
The Mariners Tuba Guy
Bo Jackson
The Boz
Kathi Goertzen
A Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix Impersonator
Kelsey Grammar
Greg Nickels

bleedshawkblue said...

King Felix Hernandez, Nate McMillan, Xman McDaniel, Your Seattle Storm, Husky softball team, Daisaku Ikeda.

lordtd said...

Jack Patera!

DKSB said...

Patera is very worthy, but he already did it at the Colts game in '05...

juiceboxjuicebox said...


No Seattle Storm is a serious oversight

Eric said...

Wow, you called Jones at the Wild Card.

The raiser at the NFC championship game should be Edward Cullen, obviously :P