September 13, 2010

Seahawks 31, 49ers 6

My pictures from today's game on Flickr

I was down near the Seahawks tunnel before the game at Qwest Field today, doing my usual up-close gawking at all the pre-game pageantry (side note: TWO different people actually recognized me from the blog, which was very humbling... almost as humbling as shaking Chad Brown's hand just before kick-off)... I noticed something odd: 49ers Coach Mike Singletary doing lap after lap around the edge of the playing surface, like he was a mall-walking retiree trying to maintain his figure. It was very odd to see an NFL Head Coach emulating the exercise routines of the elderly, but upon reflection it made sense: This is a coach of the old school, living in what he believes is a glorious bygone era of tough-guy football.

At the same time, Pete Carroll was winging fairly impressive spirals around the Seahawks sidelines and was clearly loose, prepared and confident about his game plan and his players. One coach looked forward, the other backward. We all knew who won the day, don't we?

The Forty-Niners are, at the most basic level, bullies. They are all aggression and bullshit macho posturing, built in their Coach's image. They are dirty and dumb... all balls and no brains. If the Niners were Scut Farkas, today our Seahawks were Ralphie Parker, finally snapping and taking down the blustering bully with great vengeance and furious anger.

It was rapturously awesome to see the Seahawks not just beat the 49ers, but physically punish and abuse them. Alex Smith was never going to be the next Montana or Young, but today we saw him just as lost and helpless as he was in 2007. The only difference between today and that game at the Stick three years ago was that Smith's shoulder survived... This time. Can I mention again how terrible of a coach Singletary is? He constantly leaves points on the board, and his team is a gaggle of undisciplined punks.

Carroll's minions in blue? After a shaky start, it all seemed to come together... an imaginative offensive game plan from Jeremy Bates, orchestrated by a savvy, veteran Quarterback (who was barely touched today... thanks O-line)... a ferocious but disciplined defense fueled into overdrive by the Twelve Army. San Francisco was utterly unprepared for what the Hawks threw at them, and it was a joy to behold.

When was the last time the Hawks delivered such a cathartic win? Such a statement that not only would Seattle win the day, but that the future belonged to us too? Simultaneously, our hated rivals tumbled back into Limbo, into the dreary knowledge that the glorious Niner restoration STILL isn't happening. In the words of R.E.M., The Future Never Happened.

There's already a lot of Seahawks fans trying to downplay this win. Fuck that. I predicted that the Seahawks would win the NFC West, and now I GUARANTEE they will... You, my friends, will have a home playoff game to watch in January. I will be at Qwest screaming until my soul spills out, and Mike Singletary and his Niners will be at home, watching on television.

As usual.


bleedshawkblue said...


And a great big FUCKING I told ya!!! to all those sniveling douches that pass themselves off as fans, but only as long as they can complain.

For those who are only happy when they're miserable, I say again HA!!!

Kelly Fuckin' Jennings, anyone? Told ya about him, too. His RIBS WERE BROKEN the year that the masses decided to hate him, and he saved 3 TDs today. And Babs got his Big Play back. The Red Bryant experiment? One more time: HA!!!

Adjust your scheme to fit the talent available, until talent comes available to run the scheme you were hoping to run. What a concept. That's what great coaches do.

Eric said...

It was disgusting how many Niners there were at the game. I was embarrassed for us. Sure, there's always lots of opposing fans for geological rivals (might not have been as bad as the Dallas fans at Washington), but ten percent is ten percent too many.
That however, made it all the sweeter when we began to show just how little that team has changed.
This is the same team that blew a chance at the division last year, and who isn't ready for any sort of post-season. If anyone is going to take this division from the Cards (and its clear that someone needs to and will) it might as well be us. The Seahawks have done nothing but improve over the last year (save for the loss of Wilson. WILSON!)
Its one of the weakest schedules in football, and frankly, there are few teams on the schedule better than the 9ers. Chargers, sure. Bears, maybe, but doubtful.There's the Giants and Falcons, but the only team they play in which a loss could be called "likely" is the Saints game. Every truly tough opponent, besides the reigning champs, they play at home. I'll have to see them win on the road before I truly believe this team is as good as I saw for three quarters today, but if they can go into the second loudest stadium in the NFL with the natural advantages that the elevation gives them, I'll be drinking all of that purple drank Troy Carroll is serving.
By the way, I think all Hawks fans' hearts should be going out to Leonard Weaver right now. He had a Leon Washington type injury today, and I would be surprised to see him back this year. On the bright side though, maybe Coach will bring him in through a trade next year and we can see him in a Seahawks jersey again. Wishful thinking I know, but my favorite Seahawk deserves wishful thinking right now.
What else... HUGE KUDOS TO THE DEFENSE whom without stellar play throughout this game would have gone just as predicted. Their success on the goal line was not only desperately needed, but frankly inspiring, and it may have changed the destiny of two teams this year. The reason? It could be coaching, but I believe its the return of Lofa Tatupu. Just like with Polamalu for the team that shall not be mentioned, he makes such a difference that the team without him is entirely dysfunctional.
Damn it, where are your seats at? I want to rip that smug little Red Sox hat off your head one of these days. And strike up a meaningful conversation about how there will never be a better NFL team than the Hawks on the field right now of course :P

Anonymous said...

Singletary is toast, by this time next year I predict the Niners new coach will be.....Mike Holmgren. It's the job he's always wanted.

bleedshawkblue said...

And we'll kick is ass, too, wen adjustments need to be made in a game. I adore me some Big Show, but oh, did he suck at that.