October 10, 2008

Are you hungry for Frye'd cheese?

Unfortunately Hass looks to be out on Sunday. This sucks balls.

However, I'm looking around the blogosphere, and seeing a lot of stinkin' thinkin'... I hope these morose mother fuckers aren't going to Qwest on Sunday, because they'll probably be useless, or worse, start booing at the first sign of trouble.

These goddamn chickenshits running around saying "season's over" or "1-4, here we come" need to hop off the bandwagon and stay there. Fuck you. I lived through the Behring years, and I'm not going to let four games make me abandon this team.

Remember that bit in Apollo 13, where the one dude gets all negative nelly and Ed Harris gives him this verbal smackdown:

"With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour."

The defense is going to step up. Julius Jones is going to grind it out, Frye will avoid turnovers and the Seahawks are going to fucking win.

As fans, you can choose to be Ed Harris, or NASA Bureaucrat Douche. I choose to be Ed Harris. Who are you?

UPDATE: I want to make a couple of things CRYSTAL clear...

1. I will not give up on this season until the team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. We're a long way from that, particularly in the NFC West.

2. If you root for the Seahawks to lose games in order to get a higher draft pick, you are committing Fan Treason, pure and simple. In the free agency/salary cap era high draft picks are not as valuable as they used to be, so there's not much point in hoping your team goes 3-13. I'd rather see my team show some heart and win some fucking games.. That way you aren't so hopeless that free agents sprint away from you in the offseason (not to mention shit teams need to over pay for FAs).

3. If you'd rather the Hawks go 2-14 and get the #1 pick than go 9-7, win a wild card playoff game and lose in the divisional playoffs.... You are a fucking moron. Two out of the last three years a #5 or #6 seed has won the Super Bowl, shit-for brains! If the Hawks got hot at the right time, it could be them, even if they just sneak into the playoffs out of the weak NFC West.


lordtd said...

Dude, I love the way you think.

I'm with you. Failure is not an option.

Rock on Charlie! Frye's been wanting to prove something since Cleveland dumped him last year.

It's time.

ctrimis said...


Jackrod99 said...

DKSB you rock! This blog just made my night. The bandwagon was getting too crowded anyway. Fairweather fans can get the fuck off.

Anonymous said...

We HAVE to win this game to advenge our playoff loss to these cheese eatin' ass clowns. This is a MUST win for us if we want to make the post season.

Not to take up for these bandwagoners, but I can see where some are coming from. They would rather see a top 10 pick in every round than see us sneak into the playoffs and lose in the first or second round, sometimes you have to backup a step to move two foward. Its not right, but I see what they are saying.

Mr Fish said...

I'm with ya, but your comments about the value of a high draft position is a bit off.

I agree that high first-rounders are often ridiculously overpriced. If you get one of those picks, the best move is usually to trade down.

But once you get past the first round, having a higher pick can really pay off.

That said, anybody who actually *roots* for their team to lose in order to get that higher draft position is an idiot.

Just be careful to distinguish between those idiots and the other people who are looking for the silver lining in a disappointing season, OK?

Semper Fi said...

That crewcut, tabbed-collar look is awesome. It's the look of a man who has his shit together and is control of himself and of the situation.