October 22, 2008

Top 10 memorable wins from forgettable seasons

The Seahawks Space Monkeys bandwagon is getting better gas mileage everyday as the faithless and faint-hearted hop off. No matter how bad it gets, I'll still be watching though.. and not just out of obligation or loyalty. I don't want to miss out on a game like any of these... The only rule for this list is that the games must be from seasons the Seahawks finished with a losing record.

10. 10/17/76 Seahawks 13, Buccaneers 10

I was a one-year-old crapping in a diaper at the time, but I thought the first win in franchise history should make the list....

9. 12/22/02 Seahawks 30, Rams 10

This was a pretty unremarkable contest, but it was my first game at Seahawks Stadium, so it makes the list.

8. 12/15/02 Seahawks 30, Falcons 24 (OT)

Mike Vick and the playoff-bound Falcons were expected to roll the 4-9 Hawks, but Shaun Alexander gave them what-for until they cried sasafrass! His TD in overtime capped a 128-yard rushing performance and sent all those with black #7 jerseys home confused and unhappy.

7. 11/3/96 Seahawks 23, Oilers 16

1996 was an utterly forgettable 7-9 dirge of a season, but how can anyone forget the way this one finished? Instead of Houston hitting a chip-shot FG for a 19-16 win, the Hawks blocked the kick and returned it for the winning TD on the last play of regulation. This was during my six years at Western, and I was too busy having fun to remember much about those faceless Seahawk teams.. But this one really stuck in my head.

6. 9/29/02 Seahawks 48, Vikings 23

SA's FIVE td half... on Sunday Night Football, no less! This one is also significant as the first great performance at Seahawks Stadium.

5. 12/6/81 Seahawks 27, Jets 23

In Dave Krieg's first NFL start, Jimmy the Greek famously gave the Seahawks zero chance against the playoff-bound Jets. Oh well, the guy also said this:


That loss to the Sad-sack Hawks kept NYJ from the AFC east title in '81, and they went down against Buffalo in the wild card game that year. Ha-ha!

4. 12/16/00 Seahawks 27, Raiders 24

As I said before in this space:

Despite a 5-9 record at the time, we gave the AFC West Champion Raiders all they could handle. Y'all might remember this: trailing 24-17 in the 4th quarter, Ricky Watters broke off a huge run, but was caught near the goal line and fumbled. However, the Raiders rolled back into the end zone with the ball and it was ruled a safety! The legions of Oakland fans in attendance bitched and moaned like Dino Rossi, but the Hawks had the ball down by 5... Jon Kitna had his last memorable moment as a Seahawk when he drove Seattle the length of the field for the winning score and 2-point conversion.

It was a rare moment of joy in a lost season, and the sweet lamentations of all those Raider rooting assfucks still echo in my brainpan.

3. 10/27/02 Seahawks 17, Cowboys 14

Emmitt Smith did masturbate the ball down the feel enough to get the all-time rushing crown that day, but the afterthought Hawks left Big D with a last-second win that no one outside of our fan base remembers.

2. 11/16/81 Seahawks 44, Chargers 23

The mighty Chargers rolled into town for a MNF showdown against Seattle. Considering SD had not yet EVER lost to the Seahawks, it looked like an easy romp over the 3-7 Hawks. Right? I'll let Col. Matrix take it from here...


1. 11/30/92 Seahawks 16, Broncos 13 (OT)

I wrote a whole post about this one earlier... Here's a taste:

Both offenses flailed about like two drunk sorority chicks in a cat fight, and the Hawks were somehow only down 13-6 in the final minutes... A face-mask penalty on a punt return set us up at the Denver 35, but it still felt like it would take a miracle to put 7 on the board. Somehow Stan Gelbaugh got us inside the 10, and on
4th and goal he hit Brian Blades for the tying TD. Blades did some stupid early-90s celebration dance and the Kingdome crowd erupted like it was 1984 all over again. In OT John Kasay booted Seattle to only its 2nd win of the season, and Denver spiraled to a 8-8 collapse and an Xmas at home just like the pathetic Seattlites.

It was one of the only bright spots of 1992; I remember running out onto my front yard and screaming "SEAAAAAAHAWWWWWKKKKKSSSSSS!" into the night after that win. I had no idea it was the start of a lost decade for my Hawks. Ugh.


SaraMichelle said...

I've never understood the "fair weather" fan thing. It irks me. Severely. You either are a fan of the team or you are not a fan of the team, you can't just profess your love when they're doing well.

On the happier side of things, can I just say how happy I am at the moment we play in the NFC West? If Hasselback can get healthy, and we can win the rest of our division games (not even close to a done deal considering the way things have gone this season) there might just be a ray of light at the end of all this calamity. (Emphasis on the might.)

Hudson Hawk said...

Your delusional if you don't think this is a lost season.

On a lighter note you know just how to perk up a dejected 'hawks fan DKSB.