October 1, 2008

October: Great for my Red Sox, Decent for U2, BADDDD for the Seahawks

If the Seahawks are going to reach their first 2008 goal of an NFC West title, they first have to improve their performance in the month of October. Anyone want to guess what Seattle's October record is during the Holmgren era?

No cheating, now....



Yup. 13-20... Just about a 6-10 season. Positively Cardinal-esque, huh? For the "non-October" portions of the regular season since '99, the Hawks are 61-37 69-42, working out to about a 10-6 record over a "full season".

Why the struggles in October? In 2008 at least, the schedule is a decent excuse:

@ TB
@ SF

Ouch. That's rough. Not the best draw if you're looking to break a tendency.

To have a realistic shot at postseason, the Hawks need to at least split these games. They'd then be 3-4 going into a HUGE showdown with the Eagles at Qwest on Nov. 2.... That one's tough, but winnable.

Show us something new, Hawks. Win a game on the east coast you aren't expected to win. Here's a good U2 song to inspire you:

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