October 13, 2008

Seahawks Fundamentalists... UNITE!

I'm not religious. At age 8, I started refusing to go to church because I became entranced by the rich pageant of the National Football League. I got older, and just realized that religion wasn't for me (as a born skeptic, I don't buy atheism either.. so I became militantly agnostic).

But I am not without faith in my life. It took faith to be a Red Sox fan from 1986-2003 (don't ever forget that Red Sox Nation was desolate as the heart of a Cubs fan just 4 short years ago), and it took faith to keep watching the Seahawks through the dark times of the 1990s.

On a rational level, this Seahawks team looks done. Defeated. Spent. They look like Balboa in the first act of Rocky III. At Seahawks Addicts, they're calling this the end of an era. At Field Gulls, there are brilliant breakdowns of how massively this team is fucking up. My intellect says that they are probably 100% right.

But my lizard brain says FUCK THAT! There's no way that this team got THIS bad over night. They have to have something left. They must have some reserve of pride, skill and rage left, buried under these layers of complacency and ineptitude. They CAN'T give up dominion over the NFC West this easily, can they?

Eleven games left. Seattle needs to go 8-3 the rest of the way, including a sweep of Arizona, to win this division (don't tell me that AZ will go better than 5-3 through the rest of their sked)... It can be done!

By the way, the next person who says they'd rather get a higher draft pick than "just" go 9-7 and win the division again is going to get a brutal cockpunching from yours truly.

Yeah, we're underdogs next Sunday Night, and you'll read stuff all week about how much we suck and how big of a shame it is that Flex Scheduling can't start early this year. It will be portrayed as an utterly hopeless trip to Tampa.

Hmm.. Looks like we are 4-0 all time at Tampa Bay. 5-0 sounds pretty good to me. How about y'all?

Who the fuck is with me???


Mark said...

Sounds good to me.

And just to clarify, I never said I'd prefer a high draft pick to going to the playoffs. It was more trying to find a silver lining in what appears to be a shitty situation. I'm definitely not looking forward to eleven more weeks of losing. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding

Gobo said...

Right on man! I can't stand people talking about tanking the season for higher picks. Fucking pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

Um, am I to understand there is a form of cockpunching that wouldn't be considered "brutal"?


Jon said...

I havent heard anyone ever say they'd prefer a high draft pick over a 9-7 season and making the playoffs. For starters, even if we DID get a high draft pick Ruskell would only use it to get a Justin Forsett sized DT...

Everyone's been saying we WANT the hawks to win the Superbowl and send the best coach this team's ever had out with a bang.

The reality is is unfortunately that we'll probably have to settle for a top draft pick unless something magically happens starting next sunday where we win 11 games in a row.

Anonymous said...

I've tears in my eyes. I'm fired up baby!!!

You couldn't be more right. EVERYTHING has gone wrong this season, it's time for our luck to change. The good character guys on this team WILL get them back to 500.

We need to beat AZ twice and we need to get a least a small roll, but you NOBODY can tell me that is not POSSIBLE.. CAN this team with 3 in a row YES!!. CAN they BEAT THE FUCKING CARDINALS!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

Things change overnight in the NFL...see the Giants/ browns last night, see Rams/Redskins.


sherminator said...

Right on man!

There is nothing rational about being a fan, so let's keep on believing we'll get it turned around and go all the way. Besides, I've seen a LOT worse from the 'Hawks than this.

Keep the faith 12th man!