October 5, 2008


That was one of the WORST losses in Seahawks history (I'll put it in greater perpective later this week). I'm ashamed of them today. The only player who showed any fucking heart was Hasselbeck. That dude is a warrior.

Two road blowouts in four games. This team really seems to have regressed this year, and I don't have any answers.

I'm disgusted, but I'm not hopeless. We have time to figure this out, but it's gotta start with a win over Team Cheese next week.

More to come... FUCK!

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Anonymous said...

The defense left me sick today. Absolutely sick. I understand that the Giants are a very good team and that Eli is a completely different man than he was last year until week 12 or so, but that was just pathetic. There's so much talent in the Seattle defense. One of the problems is they are dedicated to a light, fast defensive line. Turns out, that's about as useful as a garden hose in an E-coli breakout.

I'm making no sense; I'm just ranting. But I'm fucking pissed at that performance by the defense. Matt measted up. Julius tried his best. The defense just played with their own shit.