February 11, 2009

Be proud, Seahawks fans! Your team helped end our national Favrian nightmare!

If the Jets had won that game at Qwest back in December, NY probably makes the playoffs. If NYJ had made the playoffs, "Eric has a mangina" probably doesn't get fired, and maybe Mr. Wrangler Jeans decides that he should hang around for one more season...

But they lost.. our 3-11 gang of mostly backups and retreads knocked Favre's dick in the fuckin' dirt and sent the Jets back home with a humiliating, season-killing loss. So raise a glass to our Hawks, y'all. Not only did they murder NYJ's season... they probably pulled the feeding tube out of the sad husk that Favre's career had become.

Unless Favre changes his mind AGAIN this spring or summer and tries to slime his way onto an NFL roster... God I'm so sick of his overrated, selfish, hillbilly ass.

Now the question is: Who does the media anoint as their new "salt of the earth" darling QB? Who will Madden, King, and all those other feeble-minded hacks elevate to legendary demi-god status? Gotta be Roethlisberger, right?

Fuck. My. Ass.

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Vooodooo84 said...

Gotta be Romo, hasn't done jack and they suck his cock.